February 6, 2013

Before I hand you over to John for his Fit and Fancied Jumpers system I just want to mention some free training that was released yesterday that you may be interested in.

This free video and training shows a straightforward method for profiting from Forex trading and covers all the basics to help newbie traders. Click Here.

Over to John Cutts…

If you missed yesterday's message which introduced the idea behind this system, Click Here.

I promised yesterday to illustrate my research about horses turned out again quickly.

Click on the following link where i will walk you through the process where, building upon the theory i put forward yesterday that trainers have learned from the maestros like Martin Pipe and Sir Mark Prescott and now, having copied their training methods, are able to emulate their achievements with horses making a quick reappearance.

Today we look at the jumps. Tomorrow we will look at the flat. Here is the link:

Click Here for the research and system

Click Here to get the selections e-mailed to you daily

This is a system which has produced 49% winners and a ROI of 117.9% with every year a winning one since 2004 – and it is free, just to illustrate the theory.

Tomorrow we will look at similar principles, based on the same discoveries, but applied to the all weather, (very handy given the weather!). This system has a 30% strike rate and has produced an ROI of 125% since the all weather started in 1989!

John Cutts

Today's Selection

3.15 Ludlow Mickie – each way bet – 9/2 Bet 365, Will Hill, Paddy Power

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