Where To Go?

Good morning all,

Just a quick post this morning about the ridiculousness of having two jumps meetings in the Midlands today.

It's not the first time it's happened and it won't be the last.

Plus a selection from Uttoxeter.

You might remember that last week I'd said I had a quiet week ahead of me, with little work on, and I was quite looking forward to going to a fixture or two.

Sadly there was very little that was near enough to me to go to. In fact, Worcester and Bangor were probably the nearest fixtures to me, and they're both a trek. Don't get me wrong, I don't mind driving, but it was a bit infuriating that there wasn't a Nottingham or Leicester for me to pop along to.

And yet today, we have the situation of two jumps fixtures in the Midlands, one at Uttoxeter and one at Southwell. As the crow flies I'm guessing there's about 50 miles between them, and I'm right in the middle.

Now, thankfully, the choice has been made for me, as I have picked a day's work up at Southwell. But jumps enthusiasts in the area have a choice to make. I cannot believe that the crowd at one meeting isn't impacted in some way by the other. I also find it all the more strange that they are both ARC courses. It must affect their revenue take as well? Why not have one today and one tomorrow? Plenty would go to both.

As I say, it'll not be the last time it happens – it was only in July (the 16th) that both Nottingham and Southwell raced on the same day, a grand total of 15 miles between the tracks. Can someone (ideally with a map) at the BHA not get a grip of this situation and stop nearby tracks racing on the same day?

Anyway, enough moaning, let's try and find a winner. I think, at the prices, I'm going to have a few quid on Black Key (2.50 Uttox) in an open race. Plenty of these bring decent form to the table but I thought Black Key ran much better at Bangor last time and I can see him getting an easy lead here. Uttoxeter is a good front running track and if he can build a bit on that, then this well handicapped sort can go close.

Good luck with all your bets today,


3 Responses to Where To Go?

  1. Fred says:

    Couldn’t agree more Dave. Stevie Wonder could do a better job than the BHA.

  2. hello Davd did you send a copy of todays post to BHA if not why!? surely you would not be reprimanded for what would be sensible and better for track revenue and punters combined.I’m in another part of the world!and not effected but surely common sense should prevail.Love your web site have been following for years P.G.

  3. carol robbins says:

    please could you send me free tips thankyouyou used to send them but not racieved any since july

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