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Brown Advisory Handicap

Good morning all,

Again, first of all can I thank you all for your donations again yesterday, every single one is greatly appreciated, they really are.

This will be the last written Punt for a week – I'll do a video tomorrow, mainly to say thanks – but I will do some weekly updates and interesting bits and pieces throughout April. Let's hope we can get back to some racing as soon as possible. Boris reckons 12 weeks and we'll see the end of this….let's hope he's got that right.

For today, my review of the Brown Advisory. Hope you find it of some use.

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Ultima Handicap

Good morning all,

First of all, a really heartfelt thankyou to everyone who donated a few quid yesterday, you have no idea how much that will help me come the end of April. To each and everyone of you, thankyou.

Ireland yesterday came out with a statement that keeps their racing going for a while longer, but I have to say I'm sceptical about it lasting much longer than a week. I hope I'm wrong, as it at least gives us something to watch other than Bargain Hunt and Loose Women, time will tell.

I'm going through the Cheltenham handicaps this week, trying to find a few that might be winning from them in the future, starting with the Ultima.

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Three From The Bumper

Good morning all,

Well, here we are. As expected, albeit a little earlier than I expected, we have lost all racing this side of the Irish Sea until the end of April at the earliest, and I fully expect our Irish counterparts to adopt the same policy later today.

If we do come back at the end of April then I'll survive, but I have a bad feeling that this is merely the tip of the iceberg. We will see.

Thanks for all your messages yesterday too, they are much appreciated.

As for the Punt, I'll keep it going until the end of the week, as I have a few post-Cheltenham articles and then I'll do a weekly update on a Saturday (not that there will be a lot to update!). Once we get going again then obviously, in the words of Arnie, I'll be back.

If you've enjoyed my scribblings, please feel free to buy me a coffee at Thankyou very much.

So for today, here's the three (on looks) that I wanted to take out of the paddock for next year from this year's Cheltenham Bumper.

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The Show Is (Just) On The Road

Good morning all,

Worrying times, not just in racing, but in general, as the Coronavirus advice ramps up and we now find ourselves in something of a crisis.

The ramifications for racing, and what it'll mean for me (and others in the same boat) are on the main piece.

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