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Saturday Preview

Good morning all,

The rain is a-coming, so I've left it as late as possible to do the preview this morning. Still makes things tricky, as how much rain falls affects what I fancy, but I'll do my best!

Next week – you won't be hearing from me as I'll be moving house, but I'll be back the week after.

See you all then!Continue Reading

Huntingdon Review

Good morning all,

Really glad I went to Huntingdon yesterday as I think I learnt quite a lot, and there's definitely two or three I want to be with in the near future.

Sadly the Warwick Colossus went west on the last leg yesterday – the offer wasn't much more than the bet so decided to let it run and paid the price. I shall keep batting away at them and may give Fontwell a go later.

But for today, here's three races from Huntingdon yesterday with a few for trackers for you. Continue Reading

Small But Tricky Warwick

Good morning all,

Change of plan for me today – I was going to Warwick but Huntingdon is going to offer up better clues for future bets so I'm heading there instead.

However, I have done the Warwick card for the Life and despite there not being many runners, it's a tricky little card. Worth a Colossus, I reckon, as we could get a few jollies out of the frame, and my reasonings are on the main piece.Continue Reading

On The Watching List

Good morning all,

Quiet day ahead but the tracker emails have been going ping every ten minutes last few days, and just in case I forget to give you the most interesting of them the three I'm looking forward to seeing most are on the main piece.

Plus one from Nottingham that's definitely worth a look at a big double figure price. Continue Reading

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