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Season’s Close

Good morning all,

What’s been a wonderful jumps season comes to an end at Sandown today. I’d love to be there but it’s always work first, and my service are requited at Leicester, where it’s Gentleman’s Day and a crowd of some 4,000 are expected. It should be a busy day, which is good, as it goes quicker!

I have done the Sandown card for the Sporting Life website today, so feel free to have a look, but for those of you that aren’t too keen on their new-look website (and I know there’s a few…) I have put my thoughts on the main piece for the TV races. Continue Reading

Sandown Finale

Good morning all,

Sandown starts it’s two days of racing that brings the jumps season to a close before it all begins again on Sunday!

Much as I enjoy jump racing I still think there should be a proper break before we start again rather than the two small breaks we have in August and September that there is at the moment.

Had an enjoyable time at Market Rasen last night, didn’t learn much but well done to the course for showing all the racing from elsewhere regardless of what racing channel it was on, including Punchestown (and with commentaries). A simple thing yet so many courses don’t do it, or only show the racing from the channel that theirs is on.

Today I’ve had a look at Sandown and put a few pointers up on a tricky card. Continue Reading


Good morning all,

I’ve had a look at the two big handicaps on the card at Punchestown today for the Sporting Life, and now the prices are out (they aren’t when I do the preview for them) I think there’s some value to be had, so my thoughts on those two races on the main piece.

Big weekend coming up and I’ll be going through the Sandown card on Saturday in detail.Continue Reading

Own Worst Enemy

Good morning all,

After Labaik’s latest misdemeanour, and the clamour that followed it for people wanting their money back, I’ve written a piece that asks how we ever got to such a situation in the first place.

Plus, today’s selection at the end of the piece.Continue Reading

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