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Champions Day

Good morning all,

The weather gods have turned against us in a big way and it looks like Champions Day will be run in the teeth of a gale now. Such a shame that the highlight of the calendar will be hostage to fortune to an extent now, and it does make the case for moving it back to the end of September a stronger one.

We're not even sure if we are going to bet today, there's little worse than hanging on to the umbrella, the pitch, trying to keep the laptop and printer dry and everything else whilst getting wet through. We will see how the day progresses and make a call later on.

For today, my preview on the first five races plus today's pick. Continue Reading

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Autumn Trainers

Good morning all,

It's a 3-hour trip trip to Fakenham for me today – what a shame they don't have a few more runners, but it is what is and you go for the great atmosphere and stalls as much as you the racing. Good chance I'll pick a Christmas present up or two!

Then onto Ascot tomorrow but the more I look at that card and the likely conditions it's going to be run in, it could be a difficult day for a bet. We will see what Storm Brian brings.

It struck me yesterday that this Autumn seems to be rather turning things on it's head as far as we expect certain trainers to be banging the winners in, and others merely finding first gear – a few pointers on the main piece, plus a race of interest at Wincanton. Continue Reading

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Good morning all,

Had an enjoyable day at Wetherby yesterday, alas not a winning one, and October's been hard going. However, it was worth going as I learnt a bit, and it was good to see the improvements that Wetherby have made to the course – I was quite impressed with the new stand, it makes the place that bit more modern. It's definitely worth a visit if you've never been.

I was lucky enough to have a press pass yesterday, which meant I was able to get my scribblings down pretty quickly. It also meant I was able to spend some time on Ascot's Saturday card too, which looks like starting on soft going, if the weather forecasts are to be believed. That to come on Saturday then, but for the time being, here's my thoughts on yesterday.Continue Reading

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Chepstow (Part 2)

Good morning all,

It's a trip to Wetherby today, which I always look forward to, not least because there's always the Wetherby Whaler chippy to look forward to after. Great place, and even if you've had a shocking day, somehow tea at the Whaler always improves the situation.

Interesting little card too, and I'll report back on it tomorrow. But for today, the second part of Chepstow is on the main piece, plus today's pick from Wetherby.

Continue Reading

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