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David Massey

David Massey is an on course bookmakers clerk, a Sporting Life race card author, a horse racing punter and of course a regular contributor here at the Daily Punt. You can get his racecourse notes which are a great source of horses to follow here

Last Time Around…

Good morning all,

My final column for the Punt, and I’m not going to get all sentimental, but thankyou all for the kind messages last week, they’re all very much appreciated. I know a couple of you asked if you could leave me the price of a pint somewhere, so at the bottom of today’s piece is a link you can leave me a couple of quid if you’re so inclined.

Hopefully I can find you a big-priced winner on my last day to pay for that pint! There’s one in particular I like, and I’ve already backed it Thursday when prices came out, so read on to find what it is…

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This week’s Eyecatchers

Good morning all,

For my penultimate column I've got three eyecatchers from the paddocks that I think will be winning sooner rather than later – if the first one doesn't win a handicap in the near future I'll eat my hat!

Today's a classic expample of why there's too much racing, with eight meetings in Britain and Ireland and yet I'm genuinely struggling to find a bet. And yet we need more racing, say some factions within the game! No thanks!

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