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Having A Bet

Good morning all,

It's now Friday morning and we are all still waiting for confirmation that Monday's meeting at Newcastle is definitely going ahead, with still no word from the Government as to whether they are allowing it. We can only hope.

If we do get back racing then this will be the last of my articles on my own life. I was asked about my betting in the comments, and how I go about things, so there's some detail about that in today's piece. I hope you all enjoy it.

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Allez Les Trois, Et Au Revoir!

Caroline's final piece gives us three to follow from her French viewing over the past few weeks, and in true Caroline style, gives us an insight into their pedigrees as well!

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Good afternoon all,

The latest of my lockdown posts is now up, and I've tried to answer one of the questions posed to me in the comments last week. I'll try to answer a few more, but I'm rather hoping we'll be back racing soon, so they may have to wait for a while!

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Conformation And Ground

Good morning all,

In this week's article Caroline answers one or two of the queries you have put forward to her. I found it a very readable article and I hope you do too.

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