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Sick As A Parrot, Brian.

Good morning all,

Any hopes of a trip to Worcester were dashed first thing (well, in the night actually) and a temperature at 38.3 kicks in and frankly I can barely move. Just feel absolutely washed out and I’ll be back in bed as soon as I’ve written today’s piece. Apologies if it’s not the usual standard but I’m really not up to a lot this morning.

Absolutely gutted I didn’t put Mariah’s Legend up as the selection yesterday. She was one of my ten to follow at the beginning of the season (if you’ve not got those and want them, drop your email in the comments) but hadn’t progressed as I thought she would, mainly because she wasn’t settling. There were no issues on that score yesterday and she looked a different horse, scooting up at 33-1. Now she knows what it’s all about she should win more.

Three races looked at today. Continue Reading

No Trip Out Today….

Good morning all,

I’m sure you’ll all forgive me doing a short piece this morning as I feel like death warmed up. I rarely get ill, but the bug going around finally got to me yesterday (whilst at Leicester, actually) and I spent much of yesterday evening and night shaking and sweating like no-one’s business.

I have to get the worst of it out my system today as I’m working at Warwick tomorrow, so I’ll be going back to bed shortly!

As bad as I felt, I did hang on for the last race, the Novice Hurdle, my thoughts of which are on the main piece. Continue Reading

Snow Go

Good morning all,

The wet weather gear is out in readiness for Leicester today – at best I’m getting rained on, at worst I could be struggling to get out the car park as the snow moves in – but it’s worth going for the closing Novice Hurdle alone, as there should be a few clues for the future there.

Speaking of which, there’s two races from Hereford reviewed on the main piece today, including one horse that really caught the eye and will be winning before much longer.

Sadly, I found the right race to take the morning favourite on yesterday – Buckle Street was beaten at halfway and merely plugged on through beaten horses – but the selection was no good either! I did find out afterwards that Bishop Of Bling has missed a bit of work and has only been in light work for the last couple of weeks – if only I’d known earlier – so it might be worth giving him one more chance.

Here’s today’s piece. Continue Reading

A Long Journey Home…..

Good morning all,

We drove to Lingfield full of high expectation and hope yesterday but the drive back, which seemingly took forever, was one long post-mortem as to what had gone wrong with Coole Charmer.

A dreadful effort, which none of us expected after Bangor, can only be explained away by saying it was something physical, which we will know about later on today. Because if it wasn’t that, we could be left scratching our heads a bit. He was beaten after two fences, one of which he jumped so badly out to his left he was almost on the hurdles course. Hopefully something will show up this morning to explain such a poor effort.

Naranja ran well enough considering Nick Schofield got off after and said how she absolutely hated the ground, so connections won’t be running her on what was really holding, tacky ground again. She’s capable of better and I’ll still be following her this season.

Today, two more races reviewed – one from Doncaster Monday, one from Lingfield yesterday, plus today’s selection. Continue Reading

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