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For support contact

TGH Trading Ltd
245 The Pavilion

Email – admin at tghtrading co uk

5 thoughts on “Contact”

  1. Hi

    I wondered if you have ever looked at horseprofiles by David Peat the reason I ask is that I have asked several people if they had reviewed or would review this site (but have had no joy) as I do not like to part with money (however small as he only asks £27 for the NH season) without somebody actually reviewing the site. He did a free month on his blog which I thought was really good but wondered if that month was a flash in the pan.

    1. Hi John

      I remember a few years back reading a positive review in the Betting School report, but I havent used it myself or had any recent feedback.

      I’ll ask around & email you if I can get any other feedback.


  2. Hi John would be nice to get your bet more earlier the bet today @ 22.1 gone by the time u posted down to 17.2 not that I’m moaning if it wins cheers Ray0

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