Free Horse Racing Tips – Can They Be Trusted?

Some people will tell you that free horse racing tips are free for a reason! That they are worthless.

Why would anyone give away racing tips if they were good or if they could charge for them.

The fact is there are some very good horse racing tips given away for free everyday.

To understand whether free tips are potentially worthwhile or not. It helps to understand the motivation behind the site that is giving them away.


Let's compare two scenarios.


Some of the tipsters on Facebook and Twitter give away tips to encourage you to bet with a particular bookmaker. They have an agreement with the bookmaker they recommend in which they receive a percentage of the money that their referrals lose with the bookmaker.

This also goes for a lot of big websites that offer free tips, they are doing it to get you to sign up to a bookies so they can earn commission on your losers. Some of these sites ask that you open an account to get the tips or to get extra tips.


Many tipsters will give away  tips to showcase their service in the hope that after some wins that readers will join their service on a paid basis.

For me I'd be a lot more confident that a tip from example number 2 would be more likely to win than a tip from number 1.

Tips from a source that operate on model 1 will be trying to give you winners and will often employ expert tipsters to find the selections, but ultimately they make money when you lose.

Tipsters from the 2 camp are keen to give you winners for free, because they make money if you win.

If you win you may join their service, and if you win after you join their you may stay with their service.

Here at Daily Punt we give away racing tips to encourage you to sign up to our mailing list (we send extra tips everyday to our mailing list)  and to to draw readers to our website and we cover our costs with revenue from adverts on-site.

The other problem with free horse racing tips, especially good ones, is that once everybody knows that they are good then they will be over-bet and prices will shorten and value goes.

This is more of a problem with big name & famous tipsters, for example Hugh Taylor or Pricewise.

We have free tips on our homepage six days a week. If you register your email address with us we will email you each day with extra tips not posted on the website.

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