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Arbitrage Betting

Today's guest article is from Betting Insiders contributor Mark Jenkins.

Mark is a full time arber and targets a weekly tax free profit of £1,000 from his arbs.

Here is an excerpt from his article in this months Betting Insiders report…

There are many arbitrage techniques, but generally speaking the more you can break an outcome down the better your chances of finding a money making opportunity.

One of my personal favourites is using HT/FT odds to cover the draw.

For example one recent match saw the best odds available on the draw as 12/5 (3.40 decimal).

By taking the best available HT/FT odds you could achieve 3.51.

You are only interested in the draw at full time so you need to cover the outcomes as follows.

1) Home team at halftime draw at fulltime.
2) Draw at halftime draw at fulltime.
3) Away team at halftime draw at fulltime.

Then whatever is happening at halftime the draw is covered at fulltime.

The odds were, 18/1 (19.00), 9/2 (5.50) and 19/1 (20.00).

It is easy to calculate, again we need to turn the odds to a % so 100/19 + 100/5.5 +100/20 = 28.44% then divide 100 by the % to get the relevant decimal odds 100/28.44% = 3.516.

Now that might not seem like much of an improvement but in arbitrage terms it makes a 1% trade into a 2.5% one and that is a BIG improvement.

Making money through arbitrage is just one way that I make money, there are the regular bonuses offered by the bookmakers to take advantage of, and the little incentives, such as the 1% cash back currently offered by Skrill (formerly Moneybookers), where just by depositing into a bookmaker 1% is given back by way of points that can be cashed in for actual money, this is another way of profiting from your arbitrage activities, making a 0% arb into a profitable trade if you have to deposit.

One of my arbitrage colleagues actually moves his money around every Monday morning to make profits from this incentive.

You can read more of Mark's strategies for risk free cash, including how he made a risk free 75% on an arb, in this months Betting Insiders report.

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30 Minute Unitrader Review

This is a guest post by full time arber Mark Jenkins
This is a first for me, regular readers of my arbitrage column will be aware of my particular vocation in life.

So if this review deviates from the norm then apologies in advance, I am just trying to do an honest objective review of a product for the readership.

I guess like most of us, I receive a fair amount of junk mail though the door, I am on one or two mailing lists that’s for sure. Most of the junk finds its way into the bin, but something about “30 minute unitrader” caught my eye the brochure is more professional than most, and it wasn’t a “horse trading” system, rather a “sports trading” one which added to the appeal.

After discussion with some arbitrage colleagues I contacted the editor, who promptly arranged for me to have a copy, provided I agreed to review it. No problem with that I thought. Arbitrage profits have been a little slow of late, I would by happy to oblige.

Two days later the package arrived. Professionally presented in a nice box, impressive, so far so good.

The 2 DVDs played without problem, and the “course” is divided into comfortable 5 to 15 minute sections that I found easy to listen to and understand.

Some of the sections were a little basic but bearing in mind the system is aimed at everyone from the complete novice to the seasoned trader, this didn't prove to be too much of a hindrance.

The “nuts and bolts” of the system are on the second of the 2 DVDs, but I would recommend that everyone listens to both before attempting their first trade. There are some important warnings in there that should be heeded.

The system involves selecting certain football matches that meet certain very specific criteria.

My first day was a Saturday and there were 12 matches or so that were eligible. Matt (the author) describes how to use some Betfair features in an innovative way to alert the user to the special set of circumstances required to trigger a “trade”.

Of those original 12 there were 3 matches that came up trumps and following the instructions carefully, I was able to make £10.57 and £28.30 profit from £100 initial stakes on the first 2 trades. Happy days. The 3rd trade I attempted went horribly wrong, and I lost £29 of my profit.

There is warning about the sequence of events that caused this, on the DVDs so it came as no great surprise, no one can expect to profit from every trade. As Matt says, you can only expect to profit from 8 out of 10 trades. None of Sundays games met the required specification.

Only one game on Monday, but the trade was triggered and £23.07 profit made.

In all I tested the system over 3 weekends. A trade was triggered in 16 matches, resulting in 13 wins and 3 losses. I did not sit at my computer for 24 hours a day 7 days a week, so there were very likely more matches meeting the criteria, and therefore some missed opportunities.

One of the appeals of Unitrader, for me, is that I can easily fit it in around my arbitrage activities, having set the alert as described in the DVD I can get on with other things, knowing that I won’t miss anything. I don’t even have to sit at my computer, just as long as I remain in earshot, I can dash to my computer and instigate a trade.

My total profit made of just over £170 fits in with the authors claims of getting your money back in 2 weeks using it. Matt recommends using a £50 starting stake, I chose to use £100 but you could use as little as £2, but then your profits wouldn't be as great.

As with all betting, gambling and trading never risk more than you can afford to lose. Unitrader worked for me, and my experience, and profits, were as described in the DVDs.

Matt issues a warning not to deviate from the rules, and I would say it is very important to heed the warnings, and keep to the system as defined.

My one small criticism is that sometimes there isn’t enough liquidity on the exchanges to perform trades of £100 or so. That's not Unitraders fault, that’s just how it is. So I would just add a small proviso that you should only choose to use the system on matches where there has been more than £100,000 matched on the exchange.

I am not saying Unitrader would not work on such matches, merely that sometimes on these smaller matches the markets aren’t always formed properly, and you could get into trouble, even with smaller stakes.

In conclusion, based on my own first hand experience, I found Unitrader profitable, and the profits generated were in keeping with the claims of the author.

As the name Unitrader suggests, it is a trading system, members should be aware, that trading can potentially involve a loss as well as a profit, however, my losses, when they occurred, were in line with the expectations as described in the system. Keep stakes to the recommended 20% of Bank, and hopefully you will have a similar experience achieving a similar profit.

Based upon my own experience I am happy to recommend Unitrader, I am sure most members would find the relatively easy to follow system profitable in the long term, provided the rules are followed. In any case there is a “no quibble” money back guarantee offered by the author.

You can find out more about the Unitrader here

Mark Jenkins is a full time Arbitrage Specialist and has been making more than £1,000 per week from that for over 9 years, he regularly shares his strategies and experience with Betting Insiders club members.

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