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Greyhound System

As some of you know I make some of my income from greyhound betting.

I recently shared one of my methods on this site and that was the greyhound bitch method. This makes me money most days.

The other greyhound system I use is the sectional method. Basically that involves working out which dog is most likely to get around the first bend without any bumping.

The best type of bets from this method are to find the dog that doesn't win often and who gets a lot of trouble. But who has a clear run around the first bend today. These types win and at decent prices.

The tool I use to find these is the Bags Beater software. This software has been about a long time and takes a bit of time to use. But there's two things that you should know about the Bags Beater.

1. A day or two after you buy it you get an offer for an auto version that types in all the details for you with the click of a button. The price is just £5 per month!

2. For the next few days you can get the normal version for just £9.99 from a new website called GroupBetz. This is a site that is copying Groupon but for the betting world.

If you want to get Bags Beater click here and then on the right side of the page click Take me to GroupBetz

Todays Selections courtesy Of Mark ‘Statman' Foley and Trainer Trends

Mark has five selections today including a 14/1 and a 13/2, we have been allowed two of those for Daily Punt readers 🙂

5.05 Beverley Lionrock 5/1 Hills 1 pt win
5.20 Newmarket Shantaram 7/4 Hills/Powers 2 pts win

Free Lay Tipping Trial

Free Lay Tipping Trial

We had technology problems yesterday that are hopefully resolved now.

If you are still having trouble with Bags Beater, please mail me.

Today we have a 7 day trial of the ELM Elite lay tipping service.

Again there is no credit card required, just add your details to a form so the log in can be sent to you.

Now unfortunately because of the technology each application will have to be manually approved.

So when you register you will be sent an email with your log in details.

When you log in you may see a members only link to an error page. If this is the case it means you havent been approved yet.

If you refresh the page from time to time eventually you will see under the Latest Tips heading ELM Elite Lays Friday.

Once that appears you are in and you can get the selections.

The free lay tipping trial will be available for registration until midnight tonight.

To register Click Here

Todays Selection sponsored by Betting Insiders

There is no big priced selection again today, but we have two cream notebook selections

We like the look of Da’Quonde (Wolv 20:30) who won well last time out and being lightly raced may have more to come if the trainers assessment is accurate. The 7/2 with Hills (bog) is just about ok in a race of this type.

Earlier at Sandown (13:50) Mahfal has the blinkers fitted for the 1st time and off a low weight may be able to run into a place. Paddy Power go 8/1 at ¼ odds and each-way stakes seem the way to go.


Which dog is fastest to the first bend

So as I said last time my preferred strategy is based around determining  which dogs are likely to get a clear run to and around the first bend.

There are two main factors that will determine whether a dog will make it around the first bend unimpeded. These are how fast it is into its stride and whether it will get knocked, bumped, baulked or impeded in anyway by one of the other five dogs in the race.

Today we'll deal with early speed.

Just like athletes and horses some greyhounds are more suitable to sprinting and some are long distance runners, relatively speaking.

We will be looking at standard four bend races which will be somewhere between about 380 metres and 525 metres.

The majority of the dogs running at these distances will be suited to the distance, but some will be more sprint like, with fast early speed and some will be slower into their stride but will be capable of holding their top speed for longer.

These tendencies will show up in their previous sectional times.

These times tell us how long it took for the dog in question to reach the finishing line the first time in each of its previous races. In a four bend race this time will represent a straight line dash, as no bends will have been encountered yet.

If we choose a representative time for each runner in the race we can get an idea of how they will be positioned first time over the line and with a little imagination we can project this picture forward to give us an idea of how things will pan out at the first bend.

There are a few different methods you could use to work out a representative sectional time for each dog.

You could use their fastest sectional, you could use an average of all their times. Both of these methods allow a systematic approach which removes the decision making from the process.

But probably the best way is to be objective and use your judgement.If a dog has done 4 fast sectionals and 1 very slow, probably an average will not be a true representation of its ability. The slow could have just been a bad day!

So day to day I would say use a judgment, but if you were going to research hundreds of past races then you would have to use a consistent approach like the average or fastest.

On average about 60% of races are won by the dog that led at the quarter position (between first and second bends) in a four bend race.

This obviously varies by track but a recent analysis of 100 races at Hall Green showed 64 of those that led at the first bend went on to win.

The easiest way to visualise the positions of the dogs on their way up to the first bend is to either draw out their positions on a piece of squared paper, which is what I used to do, or easier still use a piece of software to show the positions.

(If you use squared paper then you need to convert hundredths of a second into a dogs length, the standard measurement is that a dogs length equals 8 hundredths of a second)

The graphic below is part of a screenshot from a piece of software called Bags Beater.

bags beater greyhound software

As you can see it looks like trap five has a definite advantage heading in to the first bend and it subsequently went on to win returning 5/1 but available at 7.2 on Betfair.

But times are not the whole story when it comes to who will lead at the first bend and next time we'll look at the rest of the picture.

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