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Beat The Odds and you Will Profit

Sometimes in life we need to remind ourselves of the fundamentals of whatever we are striving to be successful with in order to get our ship back on course.

With betting the biggest fundamental is value and the easiest way to make money from betting is to make your bets at odds that are better than starting price.

And beat starting price when it is adjusted down for a true market IE the prices make up a 100% chance when all possible outcomes are added up.

Starting price, especially these days with the betting exchange markets is an easy and reasonably reliable indicator of the true price/chance for any runner.

And the easiest and most efficient way to do that these days is to beat Betfair SP.

Betfair SP makes up to 100% and the prices are fair to both backers and layers.

If you can beat the Betfair SP consistently then you will make a profit.

There are tipping services that base their whole selection criteria around betting on horses that are showing signs that they will shorten in price from the morning bookie price to the starting price.

Although that is a winning strategy in itself, a better strategy is to study form and make your own selections, determine your own prices and bet where the early prices are bigger than your assessment.

That can be hard work though and you may want somebody to tell you what to bet to beat the market and if you want to be a winner without the work I would recommend Rory Delargy of the http://racingconsultants.co.uk

Rory regularly beats Betfair starting price and consequently he makes steady and consistent profits.

he also gives a full analysis of every bet he gives so you know exactly why they have made each bet. These write ups invariably include other profitable info and bets that are below Rory's minimum price


Updated 27 Jan 2020

Multiple Bets

I've never been one for multiple bets!

I suppose the lower strike rate puts me off and the general feeling that they are mug bets, loved by bookmakers.

I've always known that if you have value bets that you multiply the value with a multiple bet, but I've never been tempted until recently.

The reason I'm into them now is because a couple of the tipping services here have been using each way Doubles and Trixies to great effect.

These guys have been hitting a good few wins and when they come off these bets pay big 🙂

Here's an example double from Gary Poole's Bookies Enemy No1 service…

Epson Hill – Won 13/2

Online Alexander – Won 9/1

Paid £814.40 for £20 staked (£10 eachway double)

Here's another from Gary where they all placed second, but the bet still made a great return…

American Hope – 2nd 10/1

Gold Dream – 2nd 14/1

Don't Bother Me – 2nd 22/1

Paid £404.50 for £40 staked (£5 eachway trixie)

And it's not just Bookies Enemy that is exploiting these bets. The Racing Consultants know the power of the eachway multiple.

Here's one of theirs that was nearly massive but still won big with two wins and a place…

Slade Power – Won 4/1

Baccarat – Won 12/1

Toscanini – 2nd 11/2

Paid 497.50 for £40 staked (£5 eachway trixie)

If you want to be involved with bets like these the easiest way is to join one of these services and profit from their hard work.

But if you don't like paying for tipsters then there is an excellent article in the February On Course Profit mag that explains how to do it for yourself.


The Racing Consultants

Bookies Enemy No1

On Course Profit

Today's Selection

14:05 Thurles Down Ace – win bet – 13/8 Betway

Easy Money

I'm back from my holidays, refreshed and thinking about how I can boost my income.

One of the easiest ways to guarantee some income is by exploiting bookmaker offers.

You might think that you have used up all the available offers and that there is no more money to be had from bookies bonuses.

But you'd be wrong!

Profit Maximiser, which closed it's doors just after I last mentioned it, has really exploited these offers and shows you step by step how to do the same.

The doors are open again now.

Profit Maximiser exploits Bingo, Slots and Casino offers as well as traditional bookmaker offers and claims you can make £100 per day from these offers.

Mike Cruickshank, the brains behind Profit Maximiser, will hold your hand through the first £1,000 of profit.

This is as close to guaranteed income as you can get.

Get it before the doors are closed again – Click Here.

Today's Selection courtesy of NW Racing

6.10 Windsor Hi Filwah – win bet – 5/4 Bet 365

William Hill Lincoln Selection

After our day off yesterday we have a bumper Saturday message, including instructions from Connor Gallagher on how to analyse a race from a Trends perspective and a selection for this afternoons William Hill Lincoln.

First up a reminder to enter your selections in the free Sky Super 6 competition which has a rollover jackpot of £200,000 this week – click here.

Football Selections

Next up we have a footy perm from the guys at The Alternative Punters Syndicate (Free Trial) who gave us a small return last week.

Top Rated ‘Best 5 Aways'
(Perm any 3 from 5 plus all 5 = 11 bets)


This pays £60 for £1 stakes if they all win.

How to use Trends Analysis to find winners by Connor Gallagher

One of the most common questions I’m asked by visitors to my Trends Betting website is “how can I use trends analysis to find more winners?” In today’s article I’ll be answering some of your questions about horse racing trends and how they can be utilised in the upcoming flat season.

Firstly, history dictates that the same type of horse wins certain races year in, year out. They all follow trends and statistics set by horses that have won the race in previous seasons. A trend analyst’s job is to research these trends thoroughly each year and highlight the horses running today that most closely match the profiles of previous winners. So, let’s get started on today’s Lincoln…

How to research a race for trends analysis

The first step is to find out the most recent winners of the race we are looking at. It’s up to you how far back you choose to go, but personally I would suggest around 10 – 15 years depending on the nature of the race. Any less and your data is more likely to be coincidental and any more than that and you risk analysing outdated statistics that expire as things change over the years.

Of course, the first place to start is the Racing Post. All you have to do is scroll to the bottom of the race card and click on “past winners”. However, this information is only available to paid members and will only display data from the last 10 years. So what do you do if you’re not a member at RacingPost.com?

Well, because I focus mainly on the top-class races, there will invariably be an entry on Wikipedia. So, using today’s Lincoln Handicap at Doncaster as an example, I begin by typing the following into Google…

“Lincoln Handicap Doncaster wiki”

The search results will then display a link to Wikipedia with the history of the Lincoln Handicap, including a list of previous winners. This will work for almost every major race on the British horse racing calendar.

Creating a trends spreadsheet

Next we want to research each of the previous winners. By far the easiest way to do this is by using an Excel spreadsheet. Start by listing the name of each horse and the year it won across the top of your spreadsheet. Down the left-hand side of your spreadsheet list all the various statistics that you wish to analyse.

• Age
• Weight
• Official rating
• Trainer
• Breeding
• Racing Post rating
• Stall draw
• Best form
• Best winning form
• Highest class raced at
• Course and distance last time out
• Position last time out
• Did horse record highest career RPR last time out?
• Total races won
• Number of career runs
• Number of seasonal runs
• Days since last ran
• Recent form (last 4-6 runs)
• Win strike-rate %
• Winning form in big fields? (if applicable)

The list really is endless. And now comes the time consuming part. You have to manually find all the relevant information for every horse and record it in your spreadsheet. I use the Racing Post to find my data but you may prefer to use Sportinglife.com.

Identifying trends

When you have finished you will have an in-depth spreadsheet detailing a wealth of form and statistics about the most recent winners of your chosen race. The next step involves sieving through this information to identify the most significant trends.

This is where many people will have their own opinions about what is important and what is not and is where the benefit of many years’ experience really counts. That said, there is no right or wrong way to identify trends, just make sure that the majority of all previous winners in your sample comply with the stat in question.

Personally I prefer to assign a points rating system to each trend to order them in order of strength. This way I can identify at-a-glance which horses running today tick the most important boxes. Obviously the more often you do this the easier you will find it and after a while you will find that certain trends really stand out.

Here are the main trends I have unearthed for today’s Lincoln Handicap…

Today’s Lincoln Handicap trends

• All 14 winners had won 2 or more races (3pts)
• All 14 winners had never ran over jumps (3pts)
• 13 of the last 14 winners had won at class 3+ level (3pts)
• 13 of the last 14 winner had 1 or less run since November (3pts)
• 13 of the last 14 winners had won at 1m+ (2pts)
• 13 of the last 14 winners were aged 4 – 6 (2pts)
• 12 of the last 14 winners had won 1 of last 4 runs (1pt)
• All of the last 10 winners had won a maximum of 3 handicaps (3pts)

Finding the winner

By researching the strongest trends from the last 10 – 15 years we can build a typical winner’s profile and identify a shortlist of horses running today that most closely match this profile.

This method is successful because trends analysis goes beyond the most obvious form figures which most punters use to make their daily selections. It can also help us to pinpoint horses at bigger prices that may have been underestimated by the bookies. And trends analysis isn’t just necessarily ideal for finding winners. The stats can also be used to identify false favourites that are worth opposing on the betting exchanges!

At this point you may be thinking to yourself that this seems like an awful lot of effort to rate a race. So is there a way to get reliable and up-to-date trends, statistics and selections for all the big races without the need for such intensive research and analysis? Yes!

I run a service called Trends Betting which has proved very profitable since launch in November 2012. In fact, members have made 62 points profit (98% ROI) to SP including recent winners at 4/1, 9/2, 5/1, 7/1, 10/1 and 50/1…

Trends Betting costs only £57 a year and this price will never go up as long as you stay with the service. This works out at only 16 pence a day!

So that includes all the trends, statistics and selections for up to 200 major races including the Cheltenham Festival, Grand National, 1000 & 2000 Guineas, Epsom Derby, Royal Ascot, Glorious Goodwood and many more…

There are only 50 places available so if my Trends Betting service sounds like something you’d be interested in, I’d really encourage you to sign-up today.

Click Here to Join Trends Betting.

Today's Selection (which is a good fit for Connor's trends above)

Doncaster 3.05 Lahaag – each way bet – 10/1 Will Hill

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