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Beat The Odds and you Will Profit

Sometimes in life we need to remind ourselves of the fundamentals of whatever we are striving to be successful with in order to get our ship back on course.

With betting the biggest fundamental is value and the easiest way to make money from betting is to make your bets at odds that are better than starting price.

And beat starting price when it is adjusted down for a true market IE the prices make up a 100% chance when all possible outcomes are added up.

Starting price, especially these days with the betting exchange markets is an easy and reasonably reliable indicator of the true price/chance for any runner.

And the easiest and most efficient way to do that these days is to beat Betfair SP.

Betfair SP makes up to 100% and the prices are fair to both backers and layers.

If you can beat the Betfair SP consistently then you will make a profit.

There are tipping services that base their whole selection criteria around betting on horses that are showing signs that they will shorten in price from the morning bookie price to the starting price.

Although that is a winning strategy in itself, a better strategy is to study form and make your own selections, determine your own prices and bet where the early prices are bigger than your assessment.

That can be hard work though and you may want somebody to tell you what to bet to beat the market and if you want to be a winner without the work I would recommend Rory and David of the http://racingconsultants.co.uk

These guys are regularly beating Betfair starting price and consequently they make steady and consistent profits.

They also give a full analysis of every bet they give so you know exactly why they have made each bet.


Today's Selection

7.40 Windsor L´Orfeo – win bet – 2/1 Ladbrokes

Free Bets

Here's a nifty free bets offer that will give you plenty of interest throughout the upcoming Premier League season.

Paddy Power have an offer in the Premier League Top Goal Scorer market, whereby you get a free bet every time your selection scores a goal.

You have to stake £20 and you get a free £2 bet every time your selection scores a Premier League goal.

So your selection only has to score 10 goals all season for you to get your money back in free bets!

Last seasons top score was of course Luis ‘Gnasher' Suarez with a tally of 31.

So if this offer had been available last year then Suarez bettors would have bagged £62 worth of free bets.

So, how to play this?

You could lay the bet off at Betfair and just collect your free bets, but that would tie up at least £100 all season which is probably not ideal for most of us.

So I recommend that you play it straight. Bet on who you think will be top scorer, have an interest all season and collect your free bets.

To that end you might want to look to Chelsea or Man City who are the pre season favourites for the Premier League at 15/8 and 12/5.

However as we've said last seasons top scorer was Luis Suarez, I don't know what price Liverpool were pre season, but they certainly weren't favourites!

I'll leave the selection up to you because you've got to live with it all season and a bet like that needs to be made on a player and a team that you would like to see do well.

To get the offer go to http://paddypower.com and you'll see it at the top centre of the screen.

As always terms and conditions apply.

Today's Selection

Catterick 3.15 Special Fighter – win bet – 7/4 Bet Victor

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