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Newspaper Tipsters

Do you follow a newspaper tipster?

I'm guessing a large part of the betting public do, whether that be a regular tabloid tipster or a specialist newspaper tipster, which these days means one of the Racing Post columns.

I've just been looking at the Racing Post Naps Tables and Tipster Challenge Tables.

In the Press Challenge which pays a first prize of £2,000 to the top tipster at the end of the year there are only twelve entries.

Two of those are The Favourite and Top Course Trainer, which I guess are included to give some context to the tipster performance but probably also to make yp the numbers!

The Press Challenge table is also interesting for the data that it doesnt include as much as it is for what is presented.

It is a year long competition and each tipster starts with a £1,000 starting bank and one pound is staked on each tip. The tipster with the biggest bank at the end of the year wins the prize, but the table doesnt show the size of those yearly banks in the table.

IE we don't know what loss has been made so far this year by each tipster.

What is does show is the monthly profit or loss to £1 stakes, they obviously have the annual figures to date, but I guess it would be demoralising to punters to show them 🙁

If anybody has these tables from the printed Racing Post from the last day of each month so we could build up an annual figure that would be useful?

So what do we get? For the annual stats all we get is the number of tips and the number of winners and a strike rate.

Favourites have won 36% of races this year. I don't quite understand the turnover column but I'm guessing it means how many races the tipster bets on and that the favourites are less than 100% because of joint favourites etc. If anybody knows different then please let me know in the comments.

The Suns Templegate has a 27% strike rate but only selects 48% favourites.

We get profit and loss facts about Naps, which I assume is for the month and that shows Templegate Naps at + 9 points, the negative figures from other tipsters are not big enough for this to be the year to date figures.

Where we get the most info is in the month to date.

This month favourites are winning with + 28.81 from 403 bets, not great but this is at industry SP and as it's favourites we would expect them to return a loss in line with the average over-round. So favourites are over performing this month, so far!

The only other tipster in profit this month is Patrick Weaver from The Star who is +6.44 from 382 bets.

Interestingly Top Course Trainer shows a big loss for the month and a terrible strike rate for the year.

You can check out this data for yourself here http://www.racingpost.com/news/tips_home.sd#topHorseTabs=press_challenge_form

I'm going to make a note to collect the tables at the end of each month to see if we can glean anything worthwhile from them in the future.

Today's Selection

3:30 Plumpton Fred Le Macon – eachway bet – 8/1 Paddy Power, Bet 365

Bot Updates

It's a been a while since I updated you on the Mystery Horse Bot, so today I'll give you an over view of where that's at.

And although the Lay Debutants bot is not yet a week old I'll tell you how that's been doing.

Mystery Horse Bot

November has got off to a good start with 26 points profit already, so at £10 stakes that's £260 profit so far in November.

Here are the full results back to July last year, these are shown to £100 stakes

Monthly Profit Cumulative Profit
July 2012 £727 £727
August 2012 £12,156 £12,884
September 2012 £3,412 £16,296
October 2012 £1,939 £18,236
November 2012 £2,953 £21,189
December 2012 £3,620 £24,809
January 2013 £6,560 £31,370
February 2013 £510 £31,881
March 2013 £5,134 £37,015
April 2013 £3,625 £40,640
May 2013 £6,827 £47,468
June 2013 £3,412 £50,880
July 2013 – £1,199 £49,681
August 2013 £2,500 £52181
September 2013 £2.733 £54,914
October 2013 £424 £55,338

As you can see there has only been 1 losing month, I've personally been tracking the system since April, so can confirm the results for the last 7 months.

The Mystery Horse Bot has 2 pricing options, the cheaper one at £29.97 per month restricts your stake to £10.

The pro version is available for £20 for the 1st month which then rises to £95 per month after the 1st month. I would recommend the the £10 restriction to start with and there is the option to increase the limit gradually.


Lay Debutants Bot

The Lay Debutants Daily Punt Lays bot went live last Friday on the 1st November, so it has only had 6 betting days so far.

The profit so far to £10 fixed liabilities at Betfair SP is £22.65, so users have covered their 1st months subscription at the minimum stakes.

This bot is currently available free for the 1st 7 days and then £19.97 per month.

I'll update you on this again later in the month.


Lay Debutants

12:50:00 Lingfield 6 Lisamour (IRE)
13:20:00 Lingfield 8 Aeolian Blue
13:20:00 Lingfield 2 Bouclier (IRE)
15:10:00 Towcester 6 Mountain Tunes (IRE)
15:55:00 Thurles 1 Definite Answer (IRE)
15:55:00 Thurles 17 Full Of Mischief (IRE)
15:55:00 Thurles 7 Sea Of Steel (IRE)

Lay Handicap

13:40:00 Towcester 12 Dramatic Victory (IRE)
15:30:00 Musselburgh 1 Ueueteotl (FR)

Today's Selection

3.20 Lingfield Lunette – win bet – 4/1 Bet Victor

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