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Down Memory Lane – Dawn Run

Good Morning all,

Last week I took a trip down memory lane with Sea Pigeon the horse that hooked me into the sport of horse racing.

This week I’m looking back at the greatest race mare I have ever seen – Dawn Run.

You can read all about her inside the main piece.

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Down Memory Lane – Sea Pigeon

Good morning all,

As expected, horse racing behind closed doors ceased quickly across the Irish Sea and I doubt we will be seeing the sport in the next month either.

Time then to take a trip down memory lane to look at some of the legends of the turf and that’s what I will be doing in this week’s piece.

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It’s The Start of the Irish Flat Season!

Good morning all,

Horse racing is continuing behind closed doors in Ireland but who knows for how much longer.

Today see's the start of the turf flat season at Naas not that it really matters given the Covid-19 outbreak.

In a shortened Monday column, I have had a look at some of today’s races and have three selections which you can find inside.

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Time To Get Racing Behind Closed Doors!

Well that’s the Cheltenham Festival done and dusted for another 12 months. After the over indulgence of the Festival comes the inevitable hangover.

It’s tough enough focusing on this week’s racing, the inevitable lack of quality at least until Aintree and the Grand National Festival comes around, but this year we have another headache that makes this hangover even worse and it’s Covid-19.

One way to stave off those Cheltenham Festival withdrawal symptoms is spending some time looking at last week’s action using the ever-wonderful benefit of hindsight.  And that’s what I’m going to do today and also next Monday.

However, there’s an elephant in the room that isn't going away and I feel that I have address today.

Anyway, have great week and enjoy the read.

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