Down Memory Lane – Sea Pigeon

Good morning all,

As expected, horse racing behind closed doors ceased quickly across the Irish Sea and I doubt we will be seeing the sport in the next month either.

Time then to take a trip down memory lane to look at some of the legends of the turf and that’s what I will be doing in this week’s piece.

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The Early Years

Good morning all,

Delighted to see so many of you are looking forward to reading some of Caroline's pieces over the next few weeks. At this rate I'll be the guest writer in a few weeks!

Many of you have said that, at some point, I really ought to write my memoirs, and whilst I'm not going to go quite that far, I'll be the first to admit I've led an interesting life. So, for the next few weeks, I'll take you through some of the key periods in my life. Some of it even includes some horseracing bits. I hope they bring a smile to your faces in these strange old times.

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The Good Lady Speaks…

Good morning all,

I hope this article finds you all safe and well, and hopefully not moving much from the confines of your own home, as Boris has told us that staying in is the new going out. If it helps defeat this wretched virus quicker and we can get back to some semblance of normal life, then I'm all for it.

As promised, I'll write once a week, and you'll see the first of my articles tomorrow, but as a bonus, my good lady will also do a weekly article on her favourite racing topics – pedigrees and bloodstock. She has been a little reluctant but with so much time on her hands, she has finally been persuaded! I hope you enjoy her articles over the coming weeks.

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It’s The Start of the Irish Flat Season!

Good morning all,

Horse racing is continuing behind closed doors in Ireland but who knows for how much longer.

Today see's the start of the turf flat season at Naas not that it really matters given the Covid-19 outbreak.

In a shortened Monday column, I have had a look at some of today’s races and have three selections which you can find inside.

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