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David Pipe Micro System

Looking through my Horse Race Base report today there is a selection from a system I added back in spring 2013 that has been consistently profitable.

It hasn't produced a huge number of bets with just 40 in 18 months but a modest profit has been made that would no doubt be bigger at best odds guaranteed prices or Betfair SP.

I think I picked this up from Ben Aitken of Narrowing the Field, google him up for lots of National Hunt tidbits.

So the system basically is to bet David Pipe trained horses when they finished in the first four last time out and are reappearing within 11 days.

Also the selection has to be male.

The one that qualifies today is 2.20 Exeter number 4, Bathwick Man.

Today's Selection

2.20 Exeter Bathwick Man – win bet – 4/1 Bet Victor, Sky Bet

£579.25 So Far This Month

As regular readers know I'm always writing about the great betting systems and strategies that are shared every month in the Betting Insiders Club members report.

And it is probably the best source of new systems and strategies every month and a subscription to Beting Insiders works out a lot more cost efficient than buying all the much hyped systems that are pushed at us every month. 90% of which is total crap.


But what I haven't mentioned is the excellent tips that are also provided as part of the service.

In fact there are a lot of tipsters that haven't made 23 points profit this month that charge more than Betting Insiders charges for the whole club experience (+£579.25 at £25 stakes).

The expert contributors at Betting Insiders reads like a whose who of the betting world and includes…

Carl Nicholson of Value Backing.
Mark Foley of Trainer Trends.
Jon Gibby Author of Raceform ‘Well Handicapped Horses'.
Dave Renham of Racing and Football Outlook.
Ben Aitken from Narrowing the Field and Badly Drawn Horse
Sam Harrop from Golf Punters Guide and Oddschecker

and many more.

There are huge bonuses if you take the annual subscription which works out at just 66 pence per day, that would be super cheap if you were just getting the tips but it is an absolute bargain for the whole package.

If you are serious about making money from betting.

Then sign up here ==> http://bettinginsiders.com

Lay Debutants

14:05:00 Navan 3 Have A Great Day (IRE)
14:05:00 Navan 10 Iveagh Gardens (IRE)
14:30:00 Newmarket (Rowley) 2 Crystal Pearl
14:30:00 Newmarket (Rowley) 9 Saltwater Creek (IRE)
14:30:00 Newmarket (Rowley) 11 Tete Orange
14:30:00 Newmarket (Rowley) 14 Windy Citi
15:05:00 Newmarket (Rowley) 2 Battle Command (USA)
15:05:00 Newmarket (Rowley) 11 Rock Charm
15:10:00 Navan 7 Seeking Truth (IRE)
15:45:00 Navan 6 Nidhaam
16:10:00 Newmarket (Rowley) 5 Lucky Jim
16:10:00 Newmarket (Rowley) 11 Purple Lane (IRE)
18:50:00 Kempton 10 Steve Rogers (IRE)
18:50:00 Kempton 11 Warrior Of Light (IRE)
19:20:00 Kempton 8 Ragged Robbin (FR)

Lay Handicap

The Lay Debutant selections I now lay in the win and the place market, we are currently manually checking the Lay Handicap selections to see if that is the best approach, but for now I am just laying them in the win market.

17:25:00 Navan 4 Grecian Tiger (IRE)

Today's Selection

4.45 Newmarket Deglet Noor – win bet – 4/1 Paddy Power, Sporting Bet, Boyles sport

Micro National Hunt Systems

I've been catching up on my reading after a week of sitting in front of the telly with CH4 racing and I wanted to share with you some wise words I found in the Betting Insiders report.

One of the regular contributors who I keep a watch out for is Ben Aitken of Narrowing The Field and in this months report he shares a couple of systems and his reasoning behind them.

Ben talks about the importance of Micro Systems – these are essentially profitable betting angles that don't find a huge number of qualifiers but when you have a collection of these systems together they can make up a good source of betting profits.

This is an approach that is often discussed in the Betting Insiders.

Ben goes on to share two Micro Systems that each have strike rates over 50% and have made tidy profits over the last 9 years.

I'm afraid I can't share the systems here but what I can do is talk about the kinds of things that you should be looking at to find your own angles (and of course if you want Ben's systems you can join Betting Insiders here).

Basically these systems make a profit because they identify value bets, that is horses that the betting public have underrated or excluded from their own selection process for some reason.

To get ideas to research I would suggest that you start by thinking about what puts other punters off and go against the factors that others use in their betting and then get yourself a free trial of Horse Race Base and start experimenting.

Factors that put people off a runner would include things like fell last time out or pulled up last time.

And factors that punters might put too much importance on might include a course and distance win.

The Betting School Insiders club includes a portfolio of these Micro Systems and each day they share the qualifiers from those systems that are good enough to be included in the official club portfolio. You can learn more and get free systems – Click Here.

Today's Selection

Wolverhampton 4.30 Holy Angel – each way bet – 11/2 Bet Victor

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