by Dave French

February 6, 2012

If you have been around racing for a while you will have heard of Pricewise.

Pricewise is a column started long ago by Mark Coton.

It is a regular column published in the Racing post and it looks to identify big priced winners.

Because it tips these big priced winners two facts prevail.

  1. It has very long losing runs although makes a profit at advised prices.
  2. The prices always shorten once the column hits the streets.

These facts mean that although worth betting, for most of us the losing runs mean that we can't rely on Pricewise alone for our tips.

But also that if we are prepared to get up early (The digital Racing Post is out at 3.00 am!) there are trading opportunities to be had.

IE if you can bet at the Pricewise advised price you can be pretty confident that you can lock in a profit later when the price shortens.

As I said the original Pricewise was Mark Coton, a punting hero to many. And an author of books on value that are stil relavent today.

The current and long term incumbent is Tom Segal.

At the weekend I read an interview that Tom Segal gave at NTF and to say some of his answers surprised me is an understatement.

Here are a few

How much ‘homework’ do you undertake before each selection?

Nowhere near as much as many think. 20 minutes maybe, big believer in keeping things simple

I think most Racing Post pundits would give the impression that they spend a lot of time on a race even if their didn't!

I guess we should applaud Tom's honesty, but I can't see how you can make a comprehensive form study of a reasonable sized field in 20 minutes!

Which area of your selection process do you consider to be the most important?

Price and jockey

Is he just looking for big prices on horses with a decent jockey booked?

Apart from price what do you feel is the most important factor when analysing an ante-post market?

Trainer I suppose but price is by far the most important.

And again with the price. I know the column is all about value and the Racing Post brief is to find a contender that is much bigger than it should be. But surely you have to find one that has a chance before you look at the price.

I know the column is heralded all about as a must read. And that it is a must read for many but I didn't feel inspired by those answers.

If you agree with me or not I'd love to hear your opinions in the comments below.

Before I wrap up I should mention that Tom gave some horses to follow…

For Cheltenham – Minsk

Most impressive novice – Grand Crus

2 year old – Akeed Mofeed

Dark horse to follow – Kissed

Read the full interview over on Ben's site here

Today's Selection 

Wolverhampton 5.00 Bentley – each way bet


Disclaimer: All views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of TGH Trading Ltd or it's employees.

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  1. Dave, I completely agree with your comments. This wasn’t really an interview, more a one minute chat while in traffic on the mobile. I was astonished by Segal’s comments and think to take them with a bag of salt, rather than a pinch. Crass and unnecessary, the whole thing.

  2. Peter

    This Q&A session (it’s not an interview, it’s a Q&A session as the title suggests) was not done by phone. I send my Q&A sessions by email once the participant has agreed to take part. How each person decides to answer the questions is entirely up to themselves. The fact Mr Segal states that he only takes around 20 mins to make his Pricewise selections is maybe an insight into the man himself. If you then apply that to how he tackled the Q&A session it makes sense; he is someone who doesn’t hang around, or dwell, he gets straight to the point.

    Regards – Ben (NTF)

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