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Return On Investment

Still harping on?

Sorry we just cannot help it.

You will know doubt remember our earlier glowing reports regarding the golf tipping service Betfairway.

You mean you missed it, where have you been?

Well like all good things we thought that the end was nigh and that we had reached a point where we may well be heading in to the rough!

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Building up the bank.

Before we get to this weeks reviews I have a couple of news items.

First off Skybet have a refund offer on the first race at Goodwood.

Bet up to £25 and if your horse loses you get a free bet (which you have to use within 2 days)

Here's the link

Second up if you still fancy betting with Carl Nicholson and Value Backing then, although some of the bonuses have now gone, you can still get 3 months for the price of 1.

When we started reviewing the Bank Builder things looked promising but the strike rate just wasn’t good enough to return a profit at the early prices from the Best Odds Guaranteed bookmakers let alone at Starting Prices.

By the end of our first month we had managed to accrue a loss of 17 points.

The author actually apologised to us for this poor performance and promised that if we continued monitoring the service there would be a return to form.Read More »Building up the bank.

Speculate to accumulate?

We mentioned The Specialist last week briefly but feel it is worthy of further mention as their good run continues.

The service offers almost daily tips which are emailed to subscribers usually before 10.00 am in the morning and costs £45.00 per month (£99.00 quarterly) and in our eyes is currently worthy of the investment!

The services website claims that as at “July 11th 2015, Anthony is now £24,228 up for the year. Averaging 27+ points a month it is looking like this service will make over £30,000 a year”.

Given that we first started reviewing this service back in February this year the one thing we need to reiterate is that it has been consistent throughout our trial both during the National Hunt and Flat season.

It is definitely one worth getting your hands on!

Read More »Speculate to accumulate?

That’s what we call Lucky

Today we've got an update from our reviewer on a cracking tipping service, but first a quick reminder that you can still get that free system with the 147% ROI.

Here's the link

Lucky Seven Naps comes from the Bet Kudos stable and admittedly costs a rather hefty £66.00 per month.

Specialising in races of seven runners or less it had already received a large amount of positive feedback so we were interested to take a look ourselves.

Over our trial period you would have a made an equally hefty 468 points profit if you were able to get your bets on at the prices advised, and assuming that there had been no none runners or Rule 4 deductions.

The drawback to this though is that the emails which offer these early prices come out between 5.00 a.m. and 7.00 a.m. so you certainly need to be committed if you are going to make the same returns. By 9.00 am the prices quoted are sadly long gone.

However, not all is lost.

Based on Betfair SP the profit would still have been in the region of 110 points from our outlay of just over 880 points, still a very reasonable ROI in the range of 12.50%.

We also imagine that most people would have been able to achieve greater prices than the Betfair Starting Price as we noted that the prices continued to fall throughout the morning.

The results for us were certainly impressive and we would suggest you get hold of this one now!Read More »That's what we call Lucky

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