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Newspaper Naps

We learn something new everyday as somebody once said and yesterday we had some great comments relating to newspaper tipsters, including one from Chris who told us about a great resource that I wasnt aware of called Napstats.

Napstats records the profit and loss from the newspaper tipsters Nap selections and surprisingly lots of them do very well with their Naps.

Especially when you consider they have been seen by thousands of punters and probably been over bet, especially the popular ones.

Below I have copied the top if the table for Naps over the last two years with Betfair Commission deducted.

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Newspaper Naps TableAt the top of the table is Jeffrey Ross of the Glasgow Evening Times who has had 649 selections with 219 winning for a 33.74% strike rate and a profit after commission of 89.88.

That's a 13.8% return on investment, which might not seem amazing, but it is over two years.

Napstats also has the facility to download the selections for each tipster and to analyse their results by price and course.

Go and have a play hereΒ and if you uncover a gem do share πŸ™‚

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  1. Hi may seem like a really silly question, but I take it that these results are from bsp and not just 1 minute from the off? Also another good site to took at for these newspaper tipsters is, Here you will find many of the tips from the national newspapers without having to buy the paper

  2. Ps there is no need for the first post! If you don’t like what he is writing I have an idea for you! Stop reading the emails and take yourself off of the mailing list!

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