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Understanding Greyhound Racing Form

Understanding Greyhound Racing Form

I've been promising for a while now that I will teach some winning greyhound strategies so today I'm going to explain how the form is recorded for the dogs. I'll then go on to share a strategy that I have used for years whenever I bet the dogs.

This is going to run over a number of days and I might spread it out a bit so as to not bore those readers not interested in the dogs, but we'll see how it goes.

So below you will see a screenshot of some greyhound racing form and below that a list of what the various items mean.

Greyhound racing form

Greyhound racing form – Click to Enlarge

[1] Starting with the easy, this is the trap that the dog will run from

[2] The dogs name & (W) indicates that this dog is a wide runner and consequently it will be allocated one of the outside traps each time it runs. You may also see (M) which indicates a middle runner and this dog will be allocated a middle trap.

[3] The best recent (Calculated) time that the greyhound has achieved along with details of the grade and the date. In this case the best time came in a trial, a trial is a qualifying race which helps the racing manager to know how to grade the dog IE what is it's ability what race should he put it in. Trials will usually have less than 6 runners, 3 in this case, and there is no betting on trials.

[4] The name of the trainer.

[5] This is the Racing Post rating for the dog. It is time based and personally I don’t pay much attention to it.

[6] A description of the animal in this case a F b which is a fawn bitch (female) a male will be indicated with a d for dog. This is followed by the name of the dogs sire (father), dam (mother) and the date whelped (Date of Birth).

[7] Date last in season. Bitches only!

[8] This is the Racing Post's tipsters comment, often vague and and can sway your judgement.

Now we get to the past form for the dog in question. Each line represents one race with the top line being the most recent.

[9] The date of the race.

[10] The track where the race was run.

[11] The distance of the race in metres.

[12] The trap number that the dog ran from on that occasion.

[13] The sectional or split time. This is the time from the traps to the winning line the first time the dog passes the line. This is useful to hep you understand the pace of the dog and whether it is likely to lead early.

[14] Position in race at the start (IE out of the traps), quarter (In a 4 bend race this will be between the 1st & 2nd bends), half and three quarter stages.

[15] Finishing position.

[16] The distance beaten by or if the winner the distance won by.

[17] The name of the winner or the second if this dog was the winner.

[18] The Racing Manager's in running comments for that run

[19] The time that the winner took to complete the race.

[20] The allowance made for the going. N = normal otherwise plus or minus in hundredths of a second EG – 40 means that the time was adjusted down by 40 hundredths of a second.

[21] The starting price of the dog.

[22] The grade of the race.

[23] The calculated time for this dog. This will be calculated from the distance the dog finished behind the winner and adjusted for the going allowance.

Now that we understand the information (form) that we have available next time we can look at how we can use that information.

Now we know how to read the card check out these posts that deal with finding a winner.

Who is the fastest to the first bend

Greyhound racing videos 


Is it fast enough

Image courtesy of Saris0000 under Creative Commons 2.0

£1,444 Profit in a Day from £10 stakes – Bookies Enemy No 1

I've got to drop my planned post for today and tell you about a service that is on fire at the moment.

Bookies Enemy No 1 http://bookiesenemyno1.com

On Friday night Gary gave Epsom Hill at 13/2 and Online Alexander at 9/1 for Saturdays racing.

To be staked as a 2 point win on Epsom Hill and a one point eachway bet on Online Alexander and a 1 point eachway double.

That returned 109.24 points for a 103 point profit!

Then on Saturday morning he gave Osteopathic Remedy as a 1 point eachway bet.

This one was hammered all the way down to 8/1 before winning by a neck, but members of Bookies Enemy got 33/1 and made another 41.25 points profit, for over 144 points in one day.

For members betting at £10 per point the profit was £1,444.

And that's not a fluke, last Saturday he made 51 points in the day.

This service is currently only £29.99 per month :o)

Gary's fans are going crazy on Twitter.

Here's a screenshot from https://twitter.com/BookiesEnemyNo1

Bookies Enemy No 1 Twitter


As you can see one happy member made £2500 on the day.

If you would like to be involved with days like these head over to http://bookiesenemyno1.com before the price goes up.

Today's Selection

3.00 Ripon Woodacre – win bet – 9/4 Skybet

Automated Betting – Virtual Private Servers

We had an email in yesterday asking about running bots on Virtual Servers, so I thought today I'd give a quick update on the Mystery Horse Bot and explain what a virtual server is and how to get one.

The Mystery Horse Bot has had 6 winning days and 3 losing days this month so far.

The profit this month is 12.36 points or £123.60 if you use £10 stakes.

The profit since it was first available on June 1st is 86.14 or £861.40 to £10 stakes.

There has been 1 losing month of 11.99 points.

There is now a cheaper version of the bot available and that costs £29.97 per month but restricts your stake to a maximum of £10 per month. There is also the option to increase that stake limit at any time by buying extra credit.


Virtual Private Server (VPS)

A VPS can be thought of as a computer that you can use that is located somewhere else.

That somewhere else will be a data centre and it will have back up power systems and multiple internet connections and will likely be guaranteed to be switched on and connected 99.9% of the time.

So why might you need this?

Using the Mystery Horse Bot(MHB) as an example. The MHB needs to be running all the time that UK racing is on. So that is typically between 1.30 until 9.30 each day.

So that means you will have to leave your PC switched on and connected to the internet. If you don't want to leave your PC running you can use a VPS.

So the VPS is a Windows PC that is running 24 hours a day 7 days per week and it is located in a data centre. You can access it through software called Remote Desktop Connection (RDC) (free for PC & Mac and available for tablets and smartphones).

When you connect with RDC you will see the screen of your virtual server and be able to operate it just as if you were sitting in front of it.

You would download your software direct to the VPS and start it running. In the case of the Mystery Bot it can be left running continuously for days on end, so you can leave it running for days and just check in every few days.

So where do you get a VPS, the most common supplier in the UK is Tagadab

The screenshot below shows the selections you should make at Tagadab to buy a server that will run the Mystery Horse Bot.


Hopefully I've answered all your questions but if you have any further questions then ask me in the comments.

Lay Debutants

17:40:00 Kempton 7 Allegra Clairmont
17:40:00 Kempton 9 Puteri Kash
18:10:00 Kempton 12 Secret Hint

Today's Selection

3.20 Exeter Bishophill Jack – eachway bet – 9/1 Bet 365

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