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Daily Punt Home - Lay to Liability

Lay to Liability

The Goal Market Profits free trial I told you about Friday got off to a losing start on Friday, but made a profit on Saturday and Sunday and is now 15.22 points in profit.

There's still a few places available if you missed out on Friday –

Lay Debutants

We had a question in yesterday about laying to liability, which was kindly answered by another reader (Martin).

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I thought it would be a good idea to expand on that and to add some screenshots to show how to place these bets.

When you lay at Betfair SP you always lay to a fixed liability because that's how the Betfair SP bets work on the lay side. You input an amount that you are willing to risk and that is the amount that you will lose if the selection you have layed goes onto win.

The reasons we want to lay to a fixed liability are…

1. We limit the amount we can lose, however big the price.
2. We can lay at less than £2 (backers stake) so if we lay one at 100.0 we don't have to risk £198

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However laying big ones does mean that we are making tiny returns sometimes, but they build up over time and losing days are infrequent.

The screenshot below shows how to place SP bets, click it to enlarge.

Click to Enlarge
Click to Enlarge

Today's Lay Selections

14:30:00 Leicester 14 Jowhara
14:45:00 Tipperary 8 Golden Amber (IRE)
14:45:00 Tipperary 13 Passified Lady (USA)
14:50:00 Kempton 10 Space Walker (IRE)
14:50:00 Kempton 14 Synonym (ITY)
15:20:00 Kempton 3 Heho
15:20:00 Kempton 7 Namely (IRE)
15:50:00 Kempton 1 A Legacy Of Love (IRE)
15:50:00 Kempton 2 Big Boned (USA)
15:50:00 Kempton 8 Queens Prize
15:50:00 Kempton 11 Trillian Astra (IRE)

Peter's Course Specialist Selection

Kempton 4.20 Lewisham

Today's Selection

Kempton 4.20 Badr Al Badoor – win bet – 4/1 Sporting Bet, Boylesport

1 thought on “Lay to Liability”

  1. Thanks for the explanation on the Fixed lia
    This is a less nerve cringing way of laying
    than laying for £2 at over high odds OR taking a chance on the place bet at reduced odds which is always a bit dodgy with 2-year olds

    Tried it today with a min £10 Lia on your selections in the 15:20 at Kempton & got a £1 back

    Would not have touched Namely in either of the win or place markets
    Heho was around 9 so would have been a £2 lay in the win market so would have netted £1.90 BUT
    would have been almost double the Lia so swings & roundabouts I suppose

    I realise that I could have doubled my lia , but was just trying it out for the 1 st time so cautious.

    Thanks again Philip Qualtrough

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