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Free Betting System 40% Strike Rate

Before we get to this weeks top ten tipsters, which are dominated by the Value Backing service and it's various extras, I just want to tell you about a racing  system that you can get for free today.

This system has a strong 40% strike rate and has returned a 147% ROI.

The system is based around runners wearing Hoods and is only available for a short time.

You can get it here

Top Ten Tipsters

As mentioned previously the Tipster Table is based on the last 30 days selections and uses the Best Odds Guaranteed prices to record the level of profit. The overall Return on Investment is our main concern, but obviously this has to be coupled with a reasonable strike rate.

None of us like long losing runs, but losing runs you can guarantee will occur. It is important to be confident in the service you are using that they will deliver overall profit to your bank in your long term.

All prices quoted are at advised odds.

1. Value Backing ExtraStrike Rate 29% ROI 300%
Moving up two places this week is Value Backing Extra. A winner with Braes of Lochalsh at 20/1 advised each way has resulted in an amazing 300% return on investment in the last 30days. In fact there have been just seven bets in the past 30 days but two of these have been winners and with prices of 20/1 and 14/1 we really don’t need many of those to make our time worthwhile. This service is free to Value Backing members.
Find out more about the service.

2. Value BackingStrike Rate 13% ROI 160%
It has been a quiet week this past week for the main Value Backing service having dropped one place this week and being overtaken by its bonus Value Backing Extra service. The service is currently on a losing run of seven bets but there is no doubt in our mind based on past experience that another nice priced winner will be just around the corner.
Find out more about the service.Read More »Free Betting System 40% Strike Rate