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Tipster Table

This week’s top ten tipsters produced by On Course Profits magazine has the number one slot unchanged but there are a number of movers and shakers this week clearly demonstrating how difficult it can be to find a consistent service.

Our list of tipsters is updated weekly to highlight those services which are currently offering a healthy strike rate and demonstrate that they can provide consistent profitability.

All tipster results are based on Best Odds Guaranteed prices and results for the last 30days.

1. Value Backing ExtraStrike Rate = 50% ROI = 274%
A second week running in the top slot for Value Backing Extra with another selection on 22nd April 14/1 (each way) finishing third, and adding to the profit so far. Keep up the good work! As we said previously prolific selections they may not be but consistent, definitely!
(£34.99/month for Value Backing and Value Backing Extra)
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2. Stableline GoldStrike Rate = 34% ROI=83%
Stableline Gold is a horse backing service from Simon Holden which claims to have inside contacts in “every major training centre in the United Kingdom”. The profitability is good, but it does come with a very hefty price tag and as such is possibly not for the everyday punter, and is more suited to the serious large bettors amongst you.
(£78.00/28 days)
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3. Lucky 7 NapsStrike Rate = 25% ROI = 39%
A “specialist racing profits syndicate” which claims to offer “consistent cash profits”. 13 winners from 38 selections this past week, with 4 from 7 this Saturday including Mercy Me 16/1. Definitely demonstrating consistency.
(£79.20/28 days)
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4. Elite Ratings SystemStrike Rate 30% ROI = 39%
This service is a regular horse tipping service which sends an email every day (except Sunday) with a selection to win or back each way. Only a modest profit this past week but overall a healthy profit in the last 30 days so definitely one to keep an eye on.
(£35.94/month £1 14 day trial)
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5. The Monkey FormulaStrike Rate = 32% ROI = 23%
The Monkey Formula started the year with a slight negative but has pulled profits back in leaps and bounds. It is a service which offers up to 10 selections a day which are emailed out twice daily, Monday through to Saturday. The staking looks to bet 0.50-1.00% of your betting bank per selection.
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6. UKRN Early BirdStrike Rate = 32% ROI = 19%
UKRN Early bird Tipping Service is offered by Eddie Lloyd. There has been a slight loss on last week’s ten point’s profit but with placed horses at 14/1 and 9/1 it only needed one to make the frame to give another profitable week. Still showing a positive profit overall, let’s hope that the positive run can continue.
(£147 until September)
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7. Back LucrativeStrike Rate = 16% ROI = 12%
Back Lucrative is a straight backing service offering a personally developed betting system to produce a level stakes profit and guidance on how to find value. Another losing week this week with a further 20 point loss but they are still in a healthy profit overall so they are managing to maintain a place in the table.
(£39/month £15 trial)
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8. TrackermanStrike Rate 33% ROI = 11%
A new entrant into the Tipster Table this month is Trackerman who looks to spot those horses both improving and offering value. 2 winners on Saturday at 7/1 and 8/1 from 9 selections gave a nice profit and a promising start.
(£49.99/month £9.99 1 month trial)
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9. Martins Better Betting Lay TipsStrike Rate = 66% ROI = 5%
It has been an up and down week for this tipping service and although still in the table it needs to return a better level of profit for the amount of work and time involved.
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10. Racing ConsultantsStrike Rate = 22% ROI=3%
Still in profit for this 30 day period with a second with Meadowcroft Boy (12/1 Each Way) finishing second. Let’s hope that there is a return to full form on the horizon.
(£39.99/month £9.99 1 month trial)
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4.55 Kempton Convicted – win bet – 11/4 Skybet

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