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Daily Punt Home - 150 Points in 1 Month

150 Points in 1 Month

I got a tip off at the weekend about an upcoming tipping service, that made 150 points last month and had already proofed 52 points profit in September. I'll tell you more about this in a minute but first let's just update on Matt Lindner's Doncaster selections.

Matt made 5.06 points profit at SP over the 4 days. So if you had bet at £10 a point you would have had 4 days of excitement and a profit of £50. If you are a Betfair bettor or you used a Best Odds Guarantee bookmaker you would have made a bit more.

Matt has an offer for Daily Punt readers.

He's offering all his cards for the rest of September for just £7.50.

To get that just email and request the Daily Punt offer.

Back to the tipping service I mentioned and more importantly how you can get the selections for the rest of the month, not for free but nearly!

So this service offers selections in about 5 races daily and the selections are to be bet at Betfair SP.

The bets are to be bet either win only, place only or win and place at Betfair or Betdaq.

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When I was told that the selections made 150 points in August I was sceptical. Then I was told that somebody I trusted had proofed the September selections so far and they were 52 points up in September.

Then I found out that I could get the selections for the rest of the month. So starting Saturday I got them and backed them at £2 minimum stakes at Betfair.

On Saturday I lost £10.80, but on Sunday I made £44.30. Which made me take the claims a lot more seriously!

Now I'm still going to bet with small stakes while I assess the ongoing profit and I don't recommend that you get carried away with them, but we should certainly be paying attention with a view to getting involved heavily once satisfied that the selections are consistent.

So how can you get these selections. Well they are being posted in the Betting School Insiders Private forum.

Now you do have to pay for access, but there is currently a 1 day trial on offer for 14 days, which will take you all the way to the end of the month for a £1.

You can join here, once signed up head straight for the members community link.

Today's Selection courtesy of the WIN Network – Click Here for free tips from WIN

1500 Wolverhampton : Progenitor @ 5/2 Bet365 – WIN BET

1610 Musselburgh : Scentpastparadise @ 8/1 Bet365 – WIN BET

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