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Love or Hate

With David Massey away this week we have a guest post from Cotswold Racing.

Marmite time. You either love him or you don’t (I think that is the best way to proceed in the current PC climate!), but Jamie Spencer is probably the most polarising jockey I know, when it comes to having opinions on your favourite rider.

There are no two ways about it, the guy has been a great jockey, made a wonderful career from horse racing and shown enormous talent in the plate, but, to me, it still feels like we don’t get what we should from him.

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Tuesday Fancies & York Eyecatchers

Good morning all,

A good day for the sport yesterday with crowds returning to English racecourses for the first time since December. On the flip side the sport heard of the death of Joe Mercer at the age of 86. Joe was at the end of his career when I got into the sport but he always came across as a real gentleman when being interviewed on the TV. 

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National Hunt Horses To Follow

Running a bit late today, but I do have a freebie for you in the shape of a strategy for profiting from NH Hurdle Races.

You can download your copy here – https://dailypunt.com/hurdles

Once you've picked up your free PDF read on for four more horses to follow for the National Hunt season all rated 100 or below from David Massey, also on the main piece David's selection for today.

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