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Greyhounds: What does it all mean

If you've been following along with the greyhound form and especially if you are new to the dogs you're are bound to have seen something in the race comments that you didnt understand.

So today I'm just going to run through all the standard abbreviations.

A – always
Aw – away
Awk – awkward
B – badly
Blk – baulked
Bmp – bumped
Bnc – bunched
Bnd – bend
Brk – break
Btn – beaten
Chl – challenged
Ck – checked
Ckg – checking
Clr – clear
CmAg – cameagain
Crd – crowded
Crmp – cramped
Dis – distance
Disp – disputed
DNF – did not finish
Drpd – dropped
E – early
EvCH – every chance
F – fast
Fcd – forced
Fd – faded
Fin – finished
Fr – From
Hgh – high
HldOn – held on
Imp – impeded
Jkt – jacket
Jp – jump(ed)
Lcd – lacked
Ld – lead/led
Lm – lame
Ln – line
Lse – loose
Mid – middle
Mod – moderately
Msd – missed
Mzl – muzzle
Nr – near
Nv – never
Outp – outpaced
P – pace(d)
Pkd – pecked
Q – quick
Rec – record
ReRn – re-run
Rls rails/railed
Rn – ran/run
RnIn – run-in
RnUp – run-up
S – slow
Shw – showed
Slp – slipped
Sn – soon
Stb – stumbled
Stk – struck
Stt – start
Styd – stayed
Swv – swerved
T – to
Tbl – trouble
Th'out – throughout
Tp – trap
V – very
W – wide
Wll – well
Wn – won

National Hunt Horses To Follow

Running a bit late today, but I do have a freebie for you in the shape of a strategy for profiting from NH Hurdle Races.

You can download your copy here –

Once you've picked up your free PDF read on for four more horses to follow for the National Hunt season all rated 100 or below from David Massey, also on the main piece David's selection for today.

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David Massey Horses to Follow 2019/20

Today we have the next four horses on David Massey's Horses to Follow list for the 2019/20 National Hunt season, as before they are all currently rated at 100 or less.

We also have David's selection for today on the main piece.

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Horse Racing Questions Answered

Horse Racing Questions Answered

We love to answer your horse racing questions at the Daily Punt and below you will find a collection of questions recently answered by David Massey.

OK Dave, I know when a horse is running on it needs further, but how can you tell how much further it needs? Also besides ground and trainers/jockey combo, what is your most important variable do you use?

Jules Nelson

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