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Knowing More Than Corals

Good morning all,

Feeling a fair bit better today so might try a visit to Southwell later, if I’m still feeling okay.

I was interested in following the Kinloch vs Corals case on Twitter yesterday, as it was being live Tweeted (which the judge allowed, it being in a Scottish court) and was proving more interesting than the racing.

For those of you not familiar with the case, here it is in a nutshell – Mr Kinloch (the punter) placed a £100 bet on Rangers to be relegated from the SPL (at 2500-1), they go bust and are “demoted” (that’s what Coral as saying, demoted rather than relegated) to Div 3. They then refuse to pay the bet, claiming this is now a different Rangers than the one he placed the bet on. There’s lots of other twists and turns (read all about it here – ) so now basically Mr Kinloch has taken Coral to court to get his money.

What looked an open and shut case now looks much more a 50-50 toss up, as Corals seem to keep digging a bigger and bigger hole for themselves. Anyway, it reminded me of a story, the one time that we (that’s me and a few mates) actually knew more than Corals did and made them pay for a few quid. Read on….Continue Reading

Selling Racing By The Pound

Good morning all,

With the furore around the possibility of Kempton closing not going away any time soon, I wanted to write a piece on how I find the Jockey Club’s marketing, as it is, seems secondary to their “supposed” lessers at ARC (Arena Racing). I hope you find it of interest and please feel free to comment, whether you agree or not. We all want what’s best for racing in the end, after all.

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On The Improve

Good morning all,

God, how I hate that phrase. “On The Improve”. They all use it these days, don’t they? Commentators, in an effort to sound clever and find new phrases to pad things out, came up with “on the improve” a couple of years ago and sadly it stuck. Why use one word when you can use three, eh?

“Re-rally” is another. Is it possible to re-rally? The definition of “to rally” is “to come together again to renew an effort” so you can’t re-rally, can you? You can only ever rally, yes? Are you still with me? Are you still awake? Do you give a monkeys?

Anyway, enough of that for the time being. I am, as Shouty Man would have it, on the improve, but I’m not there yet. Thanks for the get well messages last week, much appreciated. Today, one of my ante-post fancies for the Cheltenham goes – more of that and today’s pick on the main piece.

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Sick As A Parrot, Brian.

Good morning all,

Any hopes of a trip to Worcester were dashed first thing (well, in the night actually) and a temperature at 38.3 kicks in and frankly I can barely move. Just feel absolutely washed out and I’ll be back in bed as soon as I’ve written today’s piece. Apologies if it’s not the usual standard but I’m really not up to a lot this morning.

Absolutely gutted I didn’t put Mariah’s Legend up as the selection yesterday. She was one of my ten to follow at the beginning of the season (if you’ve not got those and want them, drop your email in the comments) but hadn’t progressed as I thought she would, mainly because she wasn’t settling. There were no issues on that score yesterday and she looked a different horse, scooting up at 33-1. Now she knows what it’s all about she should win more.

Three races looked at today. Continue Reading

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