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Two For Trackers

Good morning all,

Had a great day at Yarmouth yesterday, capped off by the selection winning last night and paying for the tremendous meal we were having at the time. Essentially free food then, what could be better?

There's a couple that need watching in the future and they are both in the main piece, and I'm hoping to make it two from two with today's pick at Yarmouth. Continue Reading

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The Long Road To Yarmouth

Good morning all,

As I wake to the sound of seagulls and the smell of breakfast cooking downstairs (is there anything better than a hotel breakfast? I don't think so) it'll become aware to you that I'm not at home and am, in fact, already in Great Yarmouth ready for the three-day Autumn Festival.

I travelled down yesterday rather than having to face the morning traffic today and what a good decision that's already turning out to be. Well worth the extra few quid!

My thoughts on the place and the drive here (plus today's selection) on the main piece. Continue Reading

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Leger Day

Good morning all,

Had a very enjoyable day at Sandown yesterday, I'm all ready for Lingfield (and Craig David) today, it's going to be massively busy and the day should fly by.

Today's selections are on the main piece, and I'll leave you with this exchange from Sandown yesterday (the names have been removed to protect the innocent!)

“You staying at Redhill tonight ****** for Lingfield tomorrow? I know you stayed there last year.”

“No,no, no, too noisy for my missus. All those trains going by the back of the digs all night, kept her awake it did.”

“Ah, okay. Where are you staying this year then?”


Continue Reading

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Doncaster Friday

Good morning all,

Strange day at Doncaster yesterday, On what should have been one of their busiest days of the year (another Ladies Day) it seemed remarkably quiet in the ring and that was confirmed when some of the books started packing up after just five of the seven races. Front line bookmakers too, not those you couldn't see at the back, and whoever you spoke to, they were astounded at the lack of business.

One bookmaker grades his fixtures from A-E, A being premier must-not-miss fixtures, E's being “only if you've nothing else on”. He told me that for 20 years this had been an A fixture, but even after last year had downgraded it to a B. “Might be a C after this” he said. “And that should never be.” ARC need to look at the prices they are charging on days like this, for many people it was simply too much.

Still, one entrepreneurial bloke was trying to have it right off – the casino Napoleon's (in Sheffield, next to the dog track, some of you many know it) were giving away free £5 bets in the way of vouchers. He'd managed to accumulate about 300 of them. “I'm off down there to knock 'em out for a quid a piece after racing”, he said. “Pay for Yarmouth next week if I get rid of them all!” If it wasn't for the “one per customer” stipulation on the voucher he could have used them himself!

Anyway, onto today's picks for the TV races. Continue Reading

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