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Class Droppers System

I was having a read of this months Racing Ahead magazine last night when I came across an article about the habits of flat trainers.

This is something that I use a lot in my betting and is the basis of Mark's Trainer Trends service which i follow so I was interested to read it.

The angles looked at were mostly the kind of thing that I already look at, like preferred courses, times of the year when they do well.

But then something caught my eye. The writer was looking at horses that had been significantly dropped in class.

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Specifically he had stats for horses dropped three or four classes.

So I fired up the HorseRaceBase and found some stats to share with you today…

Class Droppers System

Horses that dropped in class by 3, 4 or 5 classes.

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Trained by

Fahey, R A
Gosden, J H M
Hills, B W
Meehan, B J
Nicholls, D
Stoute, Sir Michael

No other factors considered, show a profit of 140 points over the last 10 years, with a strike rate of 27%.

Not a fortune I know and only about 50 bets per year, but still worth a closer look when one pops up.

With Horseracebase you can create an alert for any system that you create so I'll be notified when one of these comes along and I'll let you know.

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5 thoughts on “Class Droppers System”

  1. I came across an old gentleman 50 years ago,who told me about the ststem he used by backing horses dropped in class.He rated in order all the racetracks from 1 to 6.He then rated all horses down in class adding to the grade score the last 2 runs.The horse that came out best he would back.This has stood the test of time,but it is very time consuming.He used another system involving C/d winners.If a C/D winner won its last race,he would back it again.Using a staking plan this has also stood the test of time,and throws up a lot of big priced winners.
    Hope this is of use to you or anybody reading comments

    1. “tony” :
      I think C/D winners can provide useful stats, particularly at “extreme” tracks, such as Chester, Towcester, etc.

  2. Just to let you know, CD horses won last time out does not work. But CD horses won last two races in non-handicaps does work. 🙂

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