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Football Trading for Profit

Football Trading profitIf you want to make money from trading activity then you need to be in the football markets.

There might be racing everyday and it might seem to make sense to trade the horse racing markets.

But these are fast paced markets and you can open a position and have it go against you in an instance.

Football in play markets are fast moving as well. But what you have with football trading is a whole host of side markets which are also effected by the home, away, draw market.

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This means that you can go in with a plan a prediction of how things might go with your days football trading and you can set up insurance bets. Or at least be prepared with a plan for if things go against you.

The daddy of all football trading methods was called Football Cash Generator and was published by a man called John Duncan back in about 2005.

Basically the method was to lay the draw in the 12X market and during the match if a goal was scored then that price would drift, because now a goal had been scored there was less chance of the game ending in a draw.

You could then back the draw at the higher price and you would have locked in a profit. So as long as a goal was scored you made a profit.

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What if no goal was scored. Well before the match you also placed an insurance bet on the 0:0 score. This bet would cover your initial liability on the draw, so if no goal was scored you would break even.

A brilliant example of using related markets to guarantee a profit.

Unfortunately John sold about a million copies of the Football Cash Generator and the markets started under reacting because so many people were wanting to back the draw, so the price didnt drift so much after a goal.

John has a new method out at the moment and he isn't going to make the same mistake again. His Assured Soccer Profits is coming off of the market shortly so those already using it can continue to profit for years to come.

So today's message is that football trading is one of the best ways for the beginner trader to make money. And it's well within the capabilities of every one reading this to come up with their own trading strategy using the related markets.

If you want to make low risk profits from football trading and you want a ready made profitable method then try the Assured Soccer Profits system before it's too late, it works.

If you want to create your own methods but you want some help, then subscribe to the Betting Insiders Club which publishes trading angles every month.

If you want a method totally unique to yourself then I recommend that you spend your Saturday afternoons (BTW ASP has bets almost everyday) watching the 12x markets on Betfair and then in another window track the side markets. Correct Scores, Over/Unders, half time full time.

And start to understand how these markets interact.

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