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Free Greyhound Software

If you are having problems with the Bags Beater software please read the comments below which I am updating as progress is made with the solution

Today is day 4 of our giveaway week and today we have free greyhound software.

The Bags Beater software is a simple tool that helps you visualise which dog will make it to the 1st bend in front.

If you follow greyhound racing you'll know that a lot of results are effected by the dogs bumping each other as they try and get the bunny.

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Most of this bumping happens at the first bend and if you could accurately predict who will make it around the bend in front.

Then you will find a dog that is less likely to get bumped.

The software also comes with some instructions on how to identify winners.

Bags Beater

The software sells for £40 but you can get a free copy today.

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To download the software (This offer is now closed), as with yesterdays the offer is available until 7pm GMT.

Today's Selection

There is no big priced selection today but Betting School have instead sent us the selection from their Cream Notebook.

Night Rose (Hunt 16:00) looked unlucky when falling 2 out on her last start and as long as that hasn’t left a mark she can go on to gain compensation. The 7/2 with Betfred seems fair enough to play with a small win stake.



20 thoughts on “Free Greyhound Software”

    1. Hi Robert

      we have had problems with the registration of teh software, we have now manually added everybody who has registered. Just start the software and enter your email address and it should work now. The passcode is auto added by the system.


  1. Sorry for the difficulty with this software it seems the system doesnt want to register people without a payment and we have made a workaround for that.

    The next comment will outline problems and solutions

  2. If you registered but did not receive an email then please first of all check your spam folder or anywhere else that a mail may have gone.

    This offer was very popular and it is taking a long time to manually answer all the mails.

    If you have the mail but started the software and could not register please try again (names were manually updated at 18:00 and will be added again after 19:00)

    The process is that you start the software and when asked you enter the email address that you registered.

    You do not have to add a number or code as this is added automatically when you click the button.


  3. We are manually replying to emails that didnt get the download link. If you have no link and have checked your spam then email dave at daily punt dot com

  4. i have signed up and was expecting the free software download of the BAGS BEATER but as yet there seems to be no download link for the software
    kind regards Mr K Miller
    I hope I am in time for the 7.0 pm deadline ?

  5. I think it is very unfair to have a 7pm cut-off time, since as I don’t get home until 8.15 it means I have missed out on some software that I would dearly love to have had – and I’m sure I won’t be the only one. Why couldn’t it have run midnight to midnight, or 10am to 10am, for instance?

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