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Daily Punt Home - Kaizen Betting: Small Steps to £1 Million

Kaizen Betting: Small Steps to £1 Million

I've just finished reading a book that rings true with what I know about making money from betting.

The book in itself is nothing to do with betting but is more about  improving your life.

The basic idea is that if you take small steps then the parts of your brain that sabotage your big plans aren't alerted to your success.

The biggest reason that I see for people failing to profit from their betting is because they can't cope with losing.

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Any betting method will have losing runs and sometimes they will test us. For many the test is failed and whatever selection method that is being used is then rejected.

And the search then commences for the next big idea.

But what about if you staked so small that your biggest loss would only be, say £1. Most of us can cope with that, can't we?

Ok so I know what you're thinking how will we ever make big money if we don't risk more then a pound.

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The Kaizen way is to take small steps that are easy to do and then build up gradually.

So for example your goal for the first week might be to make 10 pence per day.

Once you've had regular success making 10p per day then you can increase your target to say 20p.

Now this might sound ridiculous and not exactly exhilarating, but you have no reason to fail.

And by building up gradually each new step will seem just as ridiculously easy. Before you know it you'll be betting £££'s and making worthwhile profits.


Over at Betting School they have a plan along similar lines to what we've talked about today that turns £100 into £900,000 over 10 years. There is a free guide and spreadsheet here.

The book I read was called One Small Step by Robert Maurer.

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