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Pontefract Draw Bias

On July 9th 2013 I wrote an article about the Pontefract draw bias.

Since that time we've had various debates about how the bias doesnt exist (it does) and about how draw biases don't effect middle and long distance races (they do).

So with Pontefract racing today I thought I'd take a brief break from my odds on research to revisit the Pontefract facts.

Since we first wrote the article there have been 70 races at Pontefract.

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Stall 2 has won 14 times, a strike rate of 20%.

Backing all stall 2 runners at industry SP has returned a profit of £338.80 to £10 stakes which is a return on investment of 48%.

34 of the stall 2 horses have finished in the first 3, so 48% have placed.

Included in that list of runners were two that started at 50/1 and two that started at 66/1, we should probably not be backing anything at those prices.

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There have been some long losing runs, so there is no guarantee that we will win today, but over the long term we will be in front for as long as the bias exists and is under bet!

In fact the last 3 years have been very profitable.

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