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Profit from the Premier League

Premier League Corners

I read an email last Friday from those clever boys at the Secret Betting Club.

What caught my eye was some interesting stats on premier league corners.

And particularly the value that can be found with the bookies for Liverpool corners.

Apparently if there was a Premier League based on corners then it would look like this…

Rank Team Played Corners Corner
Markets Won
Markets Lost
Markets Drawn
1st Liverpool 20 176 17 3 0
2nd Arsenal 20 163 17 3 0
3rd Spurs 20 145 14 6 0
4th Man Utd 20 142 11 6 3
5th Man City 20 121 11 9 0

* This data was current as of Friday 13th January 2012

Peter Ling (Editor at SBC) gave example winning bets where he had managed to bet at 8/5 , 11/10 and 6/5 on Liverpool winning the most corners at various times this season.

There's two lessons to take from this with regards to Premier League betting.

The first is that the bookmakers spend a great deal of time pricing up the win markets in the Premier League.

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But the side markets, and there are a lot of them, are priced by using formulas that calculate the side market price based on the win market.

The upshot of this pricing method is that the bookmakers leave a lot of value bets available to shrewd punters.

The second is that we should have a look at the corner markets, including the handicaps, this weekend

The Secret Betting Club has a guide to finding these kinds of bets along with a number of other football betting strategies.

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