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Daily Punt Home - Switching Stables System

Switching Stables System

Today's guest post is another regular contributor to the Betting Insiders report and that is Dave Renham.

Dave has taken a look at the stats for horses that are running for a new stable.

This is a factor that figures in one of my own systems so I was interested to see that Dave ended up with a similar view to myself.

Here's Dave…

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The raw figures for horses having their first run for a new stable do not make happy reading.

There have been 13734 such runners over the pat 6 seasons and only 1021 have won, which is a measly 7.4% strike rate. Backing them all would have made a loss of 34% on moneys invested.

On first look backing trainers on a first run for a trainer doesnt seem like much of a strategy.

My further investigation found that age nor racetype really makes much difference to the results and that although favourites did make a profit it was only 1.5% return on investment and all other market positions lose.

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Further investigation into the horses finishing position last time out and days since last run, didnt help.

And month of the year was not a factor either.

But there was one factor that did make a difference and it is as you might expect.

Some trainers are adept at winning with their new charges and regularly manage to win with them first time.

I have identified 30 such trainers for the Betting Insiders members and below I've shared the top five from that table.

LM Cumani
DRC Elsworth
CG Cox
M Johnston
Roger Varian

Together they have managed a strike rate of 29.8% and a return on investment of 55%.

You can read the full article in this months Betting Insiders report.

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  1. I have a similar system showing huge profits going back many years with 42% min. S/R.
    Last year 600 pts. profit at ISP level stakes.
    2013 to date is 169 points.
    All results can be proved.
    Interested? email me

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