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Football Correct Score Trading

I've just read a cracking article in the Betting Insiders report that outlines a strategy for trading correct score football markets.

I'm sure that this will be a handy strategy to have in your betting armoury.

Basically the method outlined by Jakub Gawel involves backing high scores in games where one team is very short odds on to win.

And then as the game progresses trade out of the position as the scores shorten.

Jakub gives a couple of examples and the general scenario is that one team is starting at odds of 1.2 or less in the win market and has a history of  high scoring games.

Jakub then bet scores of 4-0 and 4-1 at double figure odds.

Then as the game progresses every time a goal is scored by the hot favourite the odds shorten on the big score lines and a profit can be locked in by laying the score line.

There is scope for this to go wrong but if you do your research this looks like a great strategy.

You will need to keep your wits about you, for example if the underdog scores you need to lay off the 4-1 score straight away because if they get another you will have two losing bets.

By betting a score to nil and a score to one either team can score first and you will still have at least one active bet to trade out of.

If you want to read the full method you can join the Betting Insiders here.

Update 2020: This is still a valid strategy, but from experience I would say that the safer strategy is to lay the smaller score lines, either 3-0 and 3-1 or 2-0 and 2,1.

The profit will be smaller from these more likely correct scores but you will be making a profit more often.

As with any football betting, especially in the correct score markets you need to do your research and when trading you need to be on the ball and ready to update your position after each goal.

Great Weekend 20/1 Win

We had a good weekend with our Saturday bets 🙂

Mountainous won for us at 20/1 which for a £10 eachway bet returned £270, happy days for me and hopefully you were on as well.

A few places gave Mountainous, including the free ante post service we made available to you earlier this month and Mark Foley's Trainer Trends service.

The football bet that came from TAPS hit four out of the five selections and returned just over double the total stake.

Finally for today news of a special sale, I've just heard that the Betting School Insiders Club still has a handful of places available on their Xmas discount offer.

Here's the mail I just received from Betting Insiders…

As you probably know the regular deal for the annual subscription to Betting Insiders is £239.88 for that you get…

– 12 months of Portfolio selections emailed daily
– 12 monthly issues of the Betting Insiders reports
– 12 months access to the members area and the members forum
– All the usual bonus items, the systems archive, the videos and software etc.

Annual members also get all the current years back issues, so that would be January to December 2013 issues in a leather gold embossed binder (not real gold or leather!)

But there’s more, for this once a year discount offer you will also get a full set of 2012 reports (January to December)

So that’s 24 back issues to get you up to speed quickly.

The price is £143.93, that works out at just £11.99 per month, just our daily tips are worth 3 times that, in fact there are people charging 9 or 10 times that for inferior tips.

But you don’t just get tips you will have 24 back issues, you will have access to our expert authors and their research which is what keeps us ahead of the competition.

There are 10 places and once they are gone they are gone until next December.

When you complete the registration form make sure you have a coupon code of 2C5736D4 in the box, it should be automatically entered.

Here’s the link


Happy New Year from all of us at Betting Insiders

Darren and Steve

Today's Selection

Haydock 12.20 Amore Mio – win bet – 11/4 Bet 365, Bet Victor

Best Price Matters – £1,000 per year

I've just been reading this months Betting Insiders report and specifically a piece by Nick Hardman about the importance of getting the best price.

I've often said that the price you get is the most important thing about your bet and although it seems obvious that getting better prices can make the difference between a long term profit and a long term loss.

Most bettor's don't search for the best price on their bets.

Nick outlines a simple scenario using one of his bets as an example…

Best price Ladbrokes 2.25
Lowest price Betfred/ William Hill/ PaddyPower 2.1

Now this may not seem like much and the %age difference between best and lowest prices
is 7.14%. If you bet £25 and the bet wins it returns £31.25 at best available odds and £27.50
with the lowest priced bookmakers. Now we can begin to see a difference.

If we assume a strike rate of 50% across 700 bets for the year then taking the 5/4 instead of
the 11/10 will result in £1312.50 more profit at the end of the year just by taking the best

So what he is saying is that a straightforward bet where you think that evens is the true price is value at 11/10 but shopping around and getting 5/4 can make a big difference over the course of a year even at modest stakes.

Nick goes on to explore a number of methods for getting the best prices in a number of different bet types and outlines which bookies tend to offer the best odds for different bet types.

You can read the full article in this months Betting Insiders Report http://bettinginsiders.com

But the key message is that before you make any bet at the very least check the price at Oddschecker.com because over the course of a year in can mean the difference between profit and loss.

Lay Debutants

12:50:00 Lingfield 3 Magic Shoes (IRE)
12:50:00 Lingfield 9 Secret Keeper
12:50:00 Lingfield 10 Shamas Song (IRE)
13:50:00 Lingfield 2 Dynamic Ranger (USA)
13:55:00 Clonmel 9 Lukes Hill (IRE)
17:00:00 Kempton 9 Acertainplace
17:00:00 Kempton 7 Shaft of Light
17:00:00 Kempton 8 Speed Hawk (USA)

Lay Handicap

13:30:00 Sedgefield 1 Lysino (GER)
16:25:00 Clonmel 4 Caddy Man (IRE)

Today's Selection

6.30 Kempton Marshgate Lane – eachway bet – 16/1 Bet Victor

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