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The Midas Method

We've had a few emails about the Betting Insiders trial we mentioned yesterday.

Some who had trouble getting to the sign up page – Click Here for that

Some that joined and then couldnt find the selections once joined – Click Here to go direct to the tips

They made a small loss of 2 points yesterday, so you havent missed anything!

I have a great article about staking and betting banks that I will be publishing soon, but other things keep coming along that are pushing it down the queue, but I will hopefully get to that on Thursday.

Today I just need to tell you about the Midas Method, which is a system that requires about an hour of your time each day going through the days cards.

But I have been reading reviews all morning and so far they all declare that it works.

Click Here to find out more

Today's Selection

Folkestone 15.20 Tarbawi – each way bet

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