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Value Bets

Ok, last week I promised that I'd explain why the Beaumonts Bets service is consistently profitable.

The simple reason is because Paul Beaumont makes value bets.

He doesnt worry about whether his selections win or lose.

Or even whether any single day is profitable.

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He just concentrates on making value bets.

I don't know how he makes his selections. But I do know that he consistently places bets at better than starting price.

And this is how he measures his success on a daily basis.

He looks at the prices he obtained about his selections and as long as he has, on average, beaten SP by more than 10%.

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Then he knows that he has made value bets and that over the long term he will make profits.

Since I've been following the service the average margin has been around 30%.

With bookies over-round taking about 10% the profit on turnover is around 20%.

And there is a lot of turnover.

To make money from the service you need to be able to place bets with bookmakers between 10:00 and 12:00 each day.

There is then an optional activity which can be done by software, which is to lay off part of the bet at Betfair just before the off.

Paul made 55 points profit for his clients in December and 29 points so far in January.

Paul's service is further evidence of the only thing you need to do to be successful with your betting.

And that is you have to make bets at value prices.

There are numerous ways to determine what are value bets.

But if you agree with the idea that the Betfair market just before the off represents the true value (on average) and I do.

Then why not make it easy on yourself and just find ways to consistently beat that price.

If you can look back over your bets and can see that on average you have beaten Betfair then you will have made Value Bets and if you do that consistently you will make profit.

Today's Selection

Plumpton 3.50 Ministry – Win bet

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