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Daily Punt Home - Windsor Draw Part Deux

Windsor Draw Part Deux

Following on from Tuesday's article I'm looking some more at the effects of the draw at Windsor.

To recap we found that stall 9 was profitable when 8 or 9 ran (8 because of non runners).

My next step is to look at how the differing distances perform for stall 9 and then I'll try and expand things out for the highest stall number in any race.

The course at Windsor has a lot of bends, with the 1 mile races running a figure 8.

The only start that is right on a bend is the 1m 3f.

Here are the numbers for the last 10 years…

Windsor Stall 9 by Distance
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What we can see here is that our Stall 9 is profitable at all distances except 1m 3f, I wouldnt be surprised if stall 1 performed better at that distance.

Next I have restricted my analysis to distances of 1m2f or less.

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Here is the data for 5 runner races…

Windsor 5 Runner
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And here for 6 runner races…

Windsor 6 runner races
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7 runners…

Windsor 7 Runners
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8 runners…

Windsor 8 Runners
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9 runners…

Windsor 9 Runners
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10 runners…

Windsor 10 runners
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I don't have the time to go all the way to 20 runners or more, so let's discuss what we have.

Each table shows strong profit at one of the high stall numbers, the data is obviously skewed because sometimes there will be a stall allocated that is higher then the number that ran, because if say 12 are declared then stalls will be allocated upto stall 12, but if 2 then withdraw then the race is shown as a 10 runner race.

I think there is some sort of advantage here when drawn highest over any distance at Windsor other than 1 mile 3 furlong.

I cant get the exact data that I need, which would be performance of highest drawn horse in the race.

Personally I will be looking through the card at Windsor on Saturday and following the highest drawn horse.

If anybody reading can tell me how to get the data I need, or of anybody would like to volunteer to go through an manually research the 10 meetings that Windsor has had this year then I'd be pleased to hear from you.

Today's Selection

Leicester 5.40 Typhos – win bet – 3/1 Bet 365



2 thoughts on “Windsor Draw Part Deux”

  1. highest drawn horse excluding 1m3f 2014
    64 bets 10 wins return to bsp less commission 103.16
    1m3f races 9 bets, 1 win return 3.40.figures may be skewed by 1 horse winning at 47.55

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