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Hi everyone

What a fantastic week of betting offers we’ve had and there’s plenty more to come over the next 7 days too.

The biggest buzz in Clear Bonus Profits has been centred around the addition of our new Racing Blaster & Tennis Blaster software.

These have been specifically designed to make it ridiculously easy to profit from horse racing and tennis matches each day and the results have been staggering.

Below is a small selection of the offers we’ll be taking advantage of this week.

Horse Racing Offers

£50 Free Bet – Bet365 will give you up to £50 as a free bet in the 20:45 at Beverley today if you back a winner at 4/1 or higher in the 16:30 at Sandown..

Football Offers

£50 Risk Free – Bet365 are offering you the chance to place a £50 bet in-play risk free in the Wales v Belgium match.  This is a fantastic offer even if you’re just placing straight bets but in Clear Bonus Profits we’ll be locking in a guaranteed profit of £35 to £40 from this for around 5 to 10 minutes work.Continue Reading


Not Too Shabby

We have sports bets for you from James Pacheco today.

But first a quick mention of the First Class Fancies system, you may remember we recommended it earlier this year.

This profitable system has now been automated, so you don’t have to search for the selections.

You can find out all about that and see a demonstration here

There are qualifying bets a couple of days per week on average (a bit more during the festivals)
which means you can follow this in as little as 5 minutes per week!

Not too shabby from something that’s made a whopping 411.98 point profit at advised stakes since 2015…

Now over to James…Continue Reading


Winning Run

Before I pass you over to Malcolm and potentially a very profitable lay system, I should just mention that the new improved Mystery Horse Bot has been built by Malcolm’s company, which means it’s super reliable.

The bot made another huge profit yesterday and the June profit now stands at 68 points profit.

Join us for handsfree profit here

Here’s Malcolm with 13 favourite lay wins in a row…

For the last 12 years I have just about avoided lay-betting of any kind.

Ok not completely avoided it but when you consider in that time I have created 100’s of back systems and only 5 lay systems at the most…

You can see that it is rare for me to create one.Continue Reading


It’s All Gone Wrong

Well as mentioned yesterday I had a bet on Iceland, but it didnt make me feel any better when we bombed out of the tournament.

The original tip, by the way, came from James Pacheco to the members of his service.

I will be cheering for Wales now and of course would love it if Iceland went on to beat France, but won’t be betting them in that match!

On the good news front the Mystery Horse Bot has made another 50 points profit this month, which is starting to seem like the easiest money I’ve ever made, because it requires close to zero effort.

Today On Course Profits are looking at tipsters that have made a profit at level stakes and industry SP and topping the table is a service that has made a profit every month so far this year. Details below…Continue Reading


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