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Ran in 7 days or less…

Last week we looked at an AW 2nd ranked system.

The system has had only 4 selections since then but two of those won showing a 5 points profit.

This week I want to show you a system that is on a winning trend but I have a feeling it probably won’t last long.

I had an email from a reader the other day who said he had been watching runners that had run recently (7 days or less) plus a couple of other filters.

He said they seem to place consistently but they also appear to win a lot.

His email implied that he had only been watching them for a little while and so I presumed he had no long term data to back up what he was seeing.Continue Reading


Let’s Shout About Profits

Given our post last week we obviously touched on a point which it seems a few people feel is worthy of discussion and that is the way profits are reported on services when under review.

We all like to give a positive picture on things but being realistic there are times when that positive picture is undoubtedly being viewed through a murky window and much of the detail of what we are looking at can be lost.

Many services will report based on the “advised stakes” and “advised odds”.

“Advised stakes” we have no problem with as if the selection is one which is particularly favoured it makes perfect sense to up the stakes.

“Advised Odds” we have to allow this too but we also need to be aware that many a person finds it difficult to achieve the odds often quoted with some of the traditional bookmakers. At the end of the day though if one subscriber manages to match the price quoted then it is considered a fair reflection however galling it may be to those of us not in that particularly fortunate position.

Sometimes we need to look a little deeper to see the true merits of any product or service on offer so we thought we’d take a snapshot of the past 30 days and compare profits quoted based on the various price parameters available to us.Continue Reading


Fantastic Eights

The On Course Profits list of tipsters is updated weekly to highlight those services which are currently offering a healthy strike rate and demonstrate that they can provide consistent profitability.

All tipster results are based on Best Odds Guaranteed prices and results for the last 30days.

All prices quoted are at Advised Odds.

1. Fantastic EightsStrike Rate 21% ROI 84%
Fantastic Eights continue to add to their winning streak with winners this week from What A Lark 9/2, Strands Of Silk 7/2, Mister Brightside 5/2 and Ocean Jive 12/1, plus a couple of other small priced winners earlier in the week. Let’s hope this isn’t just a very nice purple patch and that they have actually hit on that winning formula we are all looking for.
Find out more about the service.

2. Flat AttackStrike Rate 25% ROI 52%
Flat Attack has had some highs and lows in August yet overall they have remained in healthy profit with more than 90 points profit in the last 30 days. Things have been pretty quiet on the selections front but they did put up a selection on 26th, Baby Ballerina 3/1 and pulled in a further 12 points profit on their advised stakes.
Find out more about the serviceContinue Reading


You’ve Got To Be In It To Win It

Just a short post today to remind you to enter the Sky Sports Super 6 competition.

This free competition has a prize of £250,000 for anybody that can correctly predict the scores in 6 of today’s matches.

It costs nothing to enter and even if you know nothing about football it is well worth a guess.

If you need any help with your predictions then there are 8 experts who give their predictions for each match, to help you.

Today’s Selection

Goodwood 4:50 Angelic Upstart – eachway bet 12/1 Bet 365


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