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As I mentioned last week I’ve started using Bonus Bagging to earn money from bookmaker bonuses.

So today I’m going to tell you a bit more about the service I’ve been using to find the bonuses and work out the bets for me.

A guy called Mike Cruickshank runs the Bonus Bagging service and he claims that even after you have opened accounts at all the bookmakers that you can still make £500 per month from reload offers.

But I’m getting ahead of myself.

The initial part of the service involves opening accounts with bookmakers that have free bet sign up offers and offsetting those free bets at Betfair or Betdaq.

And by doing this you can get a large percentage of the free bet value off of the bookie and into your hands.

Every time you want to complete another offer you log into the bonus bagging members area and click a button and the system then sends you an email.

These emails are pretty smart, they tell you what account to open and exactly what bet to place to qualify for a free bet.

Once you have the free bet you click a link in the email and that tells the system to send you details of how to extract the free bet money.

It’s all pretty straightforward and although I’ve been busy with other things I’ve managed to extract £98.61 so far. And I have another bet in progress that should add £20 to that :-)

For more details and to get the free Bonus Bagging guide, Click Here. 

Today’s Selections courtesy of Exclusive Punters Club

1600 Wolverhampton : Seven Veils
WIN Bet @ 2.75 Bet365

1715 Carlisle : Lilargh
WIN Bet @ 5.00 Bet365


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